Dept. of Monsterology returns with “Sabbaticals” graphic novel in November

Dept. of Monsterology: Sabbaticals Graphic Novel  - Print Cover

Dept. of Monsterology is back! Renegade Arts Entertainment has just announced that Gordon Rennie, PJ Holden, Steven Denton and Jim Campbell return to campus with the next instalment of cryptozoological adventure – with a new graphic novel, Dept. of Monsterology: Sabbaticals, out in November.

Officially, it’s the Department of Cryptozoology, Mythological Studies, Parapsychology and Fortean Phenomena. But to the rest of the students and staff at the Dunsany College, baffled by the cloak of secrecy that surrounds the Department and its affairs, it has another, more dismissive, name: The Department of Monsterology. Funded by the mysterious Hampton Foundation, the Dept. operates several field teams that roam the globe on extended research expeditions. Their brief: to investigate the dark and unexplored corners of our world – the places we’ve forgotten, lost or believe to be mythical. And to study those things that may still be lurking there.

Sabbaticals picks up after the events of Monsterology 101, with several team members pursuing their own agendas following their near miss with apocalyptic catastrophe in China and the South Pacific.

Dept. of Monsterology: Samwi

Samwi: in more trouble in this new series

The Lamont Institute may have stumbled, but it takes more than death to stop their plans, and now they are aware of Samwi’s potential, she has become their quarry. Meanwhile, Professor Tovar’s parasitic secret is leading him into the deep darkness, far from his colleagues, towards a fate that may have consequences far beyond ridding himself of his personal burden.

Michael Calvary takes Team Challenger on a sojourn to sunny Scotland to investigate the apparently haunted house featured on the Sabbaticals cover, whilst the remaining members of Team Carnacki take two grad students to a remote South American island to discover there is a lot more than dinosaurs out to eat them. And of course, following Professor Booker’s revelation in Monsterology 101, he’s wasted no time getting started on his own personal quest through the now active portal.

It all sounds like a terrific new outing; Monsterology 101 was a cracking read and I for one am looking forward to this new tale from its dedicated team. Pre-roder it now!

• The graphic novel Dept. of Monsterology: Sabbaticals is in stores 25th November 2015. The Diamond code for comic book store pre-orders is SEP151559 and the ISBN if you need it is 9781987825015. If you want to buy Sabbaticals from a book or comic store, we definitely recommend pre-ordering to ensure your store gets in a copy for you

• You can of course, pre-order Dept. of Monsterology: Sabbaticals from Renegade directly through their webstore

Dept. of Monsterology: Sabbaticals #1  - Digital Cover• Renegade are also releasing the story in five comic sized issues starting mid September via Comixology their website and usual distribution partners

• There’s more about the Dept. of Monsterology here on the Renegade web site – or join the Dept. of Monsterology Facebook page for exclusive previews and to meet the creators

• PJ Holden’s blog, featuring lots of behind the scenes info on Dept. of Monsterology can be found here

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