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This Saturday, 31st August 2019, the not-for-profit Marvel UK and British media culture inspired Defenders UK project returns with Issue 4 of its latest series, available to read for free on Facebook, but first, why not catch up with the series mashing Marvel mayhem with Doctor Who, Tommy Cooper, and much more so far?

In Defenders UK #3:
In Defenders UK #3: “Have To Believe We Are Magic”, the series continued with a homage to a classic British comic …not the paper type, the comedian sort! Plus, we got a journey through the Multiverse including the Whoniverse ….and the entire Braddock family cameo

The issue itself will have recap of all the preceding issues (#1, # 2, # 3 and The Special Edition) but as a warm up act to the main event (and a refresher for those who had not read these for a while or at all) the inventive team behind are re-posting those issues… and what’s not to love about a fan project that has Tommy Coo – sorry, ex-policeman Tony Copper, as a magician come superhero, with a couple of bickering Time Lords thrown in for good measure?

If you’re a fan of Captain Britain, Marvel heroes and more, then do check out this continuity-threaded tale – particularly Defenders UK #3: “Have To Believe We Are Magic”, mashing the Braddocks with Bagpuss… sorry, Saggy Cat, Doctor Who and more. It’s a wonderful excursion through Marvel UK history, ingeniously delivered by the Avengers UK team.

As ever, these stories are all free to read on the Avengers UK Facebook page, along with all the inventive team’s range of Captain Britain/Marvel UK fan fiction comics.

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