Crowdfunding Spotlight: Be Ready for the Etherington Brothers next Kickstarter!

How to THINK When You DRAW vol.2

If you’re an aspiring artist, comic artist or cartoonist, then you probably already have Lorenzo Etherington‘s hugely popular, utterly brilliant How To Think When You Draw Books… and if you haven’t got them, there’s good news! There will be another chance to get your hands on copies, as part of a new crowdfunding campaign for Lorenzo’s equally talented brother Robin Etherington‘s How to Write book, launching in October!

The first 200-page How To Think When You Draw Book book raised £250,000 on Kickstarter. The second, equally massive book, only available via Kickstarter, raised £477,000 ($623,000), funded by 7,199 backers and smashing records to become the world’s most financially successful art book of all time, the UK’s most successful book and the UK’s most successful Kickstarter in the comics category.

How to THINK when you DRAW Car Chases

Crammed with drawing tutorials by Lorenzo Etherington and covering an enormous range of subjects, designed to benefit every skill level, from the absolute beginner to the seasoned professional, both are coming back to Kickstarter, in the higher tiers of Robin’s How to WRITE campaign this October.

However, the only way to get the books is to join the Secret Launch Club Mailing List by sending “Add me, Lorenzo!” to

“We won’t be announcing the launch date anywhere online ahead of the campaign going live,” Lorenzo cautions. “My drawing tutorials books will not be on sale anywhere in shops or online outside of Kickstarter for at least the next two yearsS, so this is a very rare chance to get them!”

The Etherington Brothers. Photograph: Alan Peebles
The Etherington Brothers. Photograph: Alan Peebles

Robin and Lorenzo Etherington are British comic, book and film creators who work together as The Etherington Brothers. They created the free online series of tutorials How to Think when you Draw and How to Think When You Write, before printing them with the support of Kickstarter crowdfunding.

Their clients include studios such as Disney, Dreamworks, Aardman, and the BBC and have worked on properties such as Star Wars, Transformers, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon.

They also enjoy running comic workshops for class size groups of 7 – 12 year olds to encourage creative free-thinking in young children through comic art and storytelling.

• Sign up for the Mailing List by sending “Add me, Lorenzo!” to! And if you want to find out just how great their tutorials are, Lorenzo has uploaded a huge number of new ones, exclusively to their Twitter @EtheringtonBros – go and check them out!

• The tutorials are better seen than described, so check out 300 of them for free, here

• Check out graphic novels by The Etherington Brothers on AmazonUK

All art copyright The Etherington Brothers

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