In Review: DTHRTL (Death Rattle) – Book 1 of 3

.DTHRTL (Death Rattle) - Cover

Created by Bob Turner

The Story: This is the wordless and psychedelic adventure of a cyclops like creature who falls through incident to incident in a crazy and colourful landscape. With the figure of Death following him around and haunting his non stop motion. He encounters creatures of all shapes and trippy sizes in this book – the first in a three comic series.

DTHRTL (Death Rattle) - Sample Page 1

DTHRTL (Death Rattle) - Sample Page 2


The Review: A little crazy is good? It is right? Every great creator in any area has had a little bit of the crazy about him or her. We know this, right? Well, as I read these brightly maniacal methamphetamine dreamlike pages, I realise that this is some great and wonderful Kool-Aid, and I am gulping it down, addicted and eager for my next dose.

DTHRTL (Death Rattle) flows like an indie animation at a back street film festival. It creeps up into the air above your head and hits you with a rainbow coloured frying pan. It is both edgy and cool – but remains a little bit innocent in its one-eyed central character. The hocus-pocus of the Terrapin Station-like visuals has me wondering what exactly is going on, but immediately also has me saying ‘F*** it, I don’t care’ – and just relaxing back into the visuals.

It’s a book that boggles the mind as to how Bob came to create each and every panel. Saying this though, I am hungry for more of the same and found myself really loving this book. It makes a contrary, strange sense, with its own logic set. It is exactly composed in moments of seemingly mathematical precision with an eye for free forming design and angular beauty this is a triumph. I read this on an iPad and it looks excellent with the tablet’s back lighting.

Follow its adventures in that inhibition free area of your brain and buy yourself a copy.

You can find Bob on Twitter @castlerockcomic and buy yourself a copy at

Many thanks for reading.

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