In Review: London Film and Comic Con 2015

London Film and Comic Con took over the Olympia this year, spreading across four floors. Tickets for both Saturday and Sunday sold out well before the event, leading to some disappointed people who couldn’t get in – but they will know to buy early for next year! 

Some excellent guests were in attendance, including John Wagner, David Roach, Lee Sullivan, Lew Stringer, Gary Frank and Andrew Probert, who proved to be quite popular, due to the event’s focus on Back to the Future this year. 

Katie White reports….

Doctor Who, Rivers of London and Thuderbirds comic artist Lee Sullivan at London Film and Comic Con 2015. Photo: Katie White

Doctor Who, Rivers of London and Thunderbirds comic artist Lee Sullivan at London Film and Comic Con 2015. Photo: Katie White

As is usual, the primary focus of the Convention were its many media guests from the worlds of TV and film – who gained the most attention from most attendees. But alongside the guests there were a variety of independent exhibitors in attendance, with some wonderful work. The one that particularly stood out for me was Graveyard Orbit, the UK comic title from the creator of London Horror Comic. Written by John-Paul Kamath, the gorgeous cover for Issue 2 is by Matt Dixon, who was also exhibiting, drew me in then the comic did the rest!

Graveyard Orbit Promotional Image

The latest issue of Graveyard Orbit, a new British horror comic, was on sale at the show.

• Issues One and Two of Graveyard Orbit are on sale now from the title’s website. You can preview Issue One to see if it’s the sort of thing that floats your boat; and follow the project on twitter @gyardorbit

The talks over the weekend were well worth a visit, including panels on Humour in Comics, Comic Book Movies, and Working for Marvel. Alongside these we had great some individual artist talks with US comic book writer Dan Slott, cartoonist and comics writer Roger Langridge, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman, artist and designer Will Simpson and DC Comics Harley Quinn artist Chad Hardin.

Dan Slott meets Catherine Tate
All the creators were happy to have a chat, and everyone seemed to be in good spirits – I watched the artists working all weekend on commissions (including mine, by Mike Collins!) with some fantastic work being produced. By Sunday evening you could see some people starting to flag, but after such an intensive weekend who can blame them?

My commission art by MIke Collins. Photo: Mike Collins

My commission art by Mike Collins. Photo: Mike Collins

The only issue over the weekend was the difficulty in navigating the venue. The first thing we did when we got there on Friday was head straight to the comic creators… or try to. They were on the second floor, and we could not figure out how to get up there. After asking three crew members, who didn’t know either, and walking around for twenty minutes we finally found a lift! There was very little signage to the actual comic guest area, and the floor was quieter than the others.

A few artists also mentioned that even they had trouble locating their own tables – with staff not knowing where they should go, and in some cases not wanting to let them in the building!

Despite this, most creators looked like they had a great weekend overall, and everyone seemed to have a lot less stock than when they arrived.

I would say for next year Showmasters could do with putting a little more emphasis on the comic creators, while the movie and TV guests are important, is it is COMIC Con after all!

Katie White is a comics blogger, comics festival team member and Lancaster Comics Day comic cake maker with a dangerous hedgehog as a pet*. Follow her on Twitter @AnxietyDragon

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* We made the bit about the hedgehog being dangerous up. We have never met the hedgehog. We’re sure it’s actually well-mannered and makes a very good cup of tea.

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  1. This report prompted comics artist Dan Butcher to ask which London event – London Super Comic Con or London Film Comic Con – might be right for him to sell at, prompting different responses based on experience. Comics writer and publisher Ian D. Sharman responded on Twitter with this general advice: “We do well at both. It depends what you’re selling and how you sell.

    “I would recommend doing wide range of events and finding what works for you. Small press oriented events are death to me, but work well for others. The key is to know your audience, so get out and meet them face to face.”

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