Wart horror comic continues, last round of crowdfunding permitting…

Comic creators Chris Welsh and Ammar Al-Chalabi are closing fast on their modest Kickstarter to fund WART Book Three at the moment, so we thought we’d give him a deserved plug to hopefully help him gain full backing.

In January, he successfully funded books One and Two (news story here) of the the Lovecraft-inspired cosmic horror comic, and secured over 50 per cent of required funding for the new volume in just 48 hours.

The book was nominated for a “Ghastly Award” for “Excellence in Horror Comics” earlier in the year.

WART exists thanks to the wonder of the Internet,” says Chris, who writes the book. “Without it, I’d be some unknown writer guy who wanted to write a comic and Ammar would be a cool artist with no script.

“We ‘met’ on the internet over two years ago after Ammar posted an advert on Reddit about wanting to work with a writer,” he explains. “I replied and then, a few months later, we had part of a comic done without ever having met in person. Through a surprisingly organic process, we shaped it from a rough idea into a story with a backbone and heart. And monsters. A lot of giant monsters.

“In those couple of years we’ve taken WART to a whole bunch of UK Comic Conventions, met fans, had a lot of fun, and eventually we met in person – at Nottingham Comic Con. Thankfully, we didn’t instantly hate each other, so WART can continue! We had a great time at Dutch Comic Con in March and hope to repeat it all again in 2016!

• Wart Book Three needs just under £200 to secure funding. Back it here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1929822973/wart-book-three-of-the-cosmic-horror-comic


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