Jeff Hawke Art for Sale

Offered from downthetubes via ebay is a piece of Jeff Hawke newspaper strip original art, signed by creator and artist Sydney Jordan.

The art from the Daily Express strip “Jeff Hawke” is identified as strip H3387 featuring mysterious aliens from the story “A Helping Hand”. This story was first published between 12 December 1964 and 3 March 1965 in the British newspaper The Daily Express. (The full run is identified as H3328 – H3395 in a note on the back of the art by Syd Jordan). In the strip a racing driver, Cordway, is given an artifical arm by an alien race, but his experience does not go unnoticed…

This is an opportunity to own a piece of art from one of the most highly regarded science fiction newspaper strips ever published in Britain. Jeff Hawke still has a loyal following worldwide.

Art measures 43 cm by 14 cm on stiff white art board. Signed on the front by Syd Jordan with notes by Syd, also signed, on the back.

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