Latest Phil-Comics auction offers more British comic rarities – including a Girl comic carpet sweeper!

This weekend sees the latest Phil-Comics auction on eBay draw to a close, with 280 vintage comic listings on offer, including surely one of the most bizarre girls comics tie-ins ever licensed – to those of us looking backing and wondering just who thought it was a good idea at the time.

Here are just a few of the items on offer, with many lots closing for bidding on Sunday 1st August 2021, including books inspired by various TV series created by Gerry Anderson, and British comics with free gifts, too.

Perhaps the oddest item on offer, to modern eyes? A Girl comic branded carpet sweeper, one of the many items licensed for sale by publisher Hulton at the height of the weekly comic’s success…

  • The Angels Story Book 1968
  • Commando No. 11
  • Girl comic Carpet Sweeper 1950s/1960s Mettoy Playthings in box
  • A Classic in Pictures comic #2: Ivanhoe '60s Illustrated
  • Joe 90 Dot to Dot Book
  • The Phantom Illustrated comic #11 (1950s) L Miller
  • Shiver and Shake Holiday Special 1976
  • Sparky comic #1 - Jan 23 1965
  • Buster Book of Spooky Stories 1975
  • The Titans Comic Annual 1977
  • UFO Annual 1971
  • Roy of the Rovers comic #1 - Sep 25 1976 +FREE GIFT Poster
  • Roy of the Rovers comic #1 - Sep 25 1976 +FREE GIFT Poster
  • Playhour Pictures comic #1 (1954)+FREE GIFT Indian Head Dress
  • Vulcan Holiday Special 1976
  • Stingray Funbook 1965 Gerry Anderson WDL
  • Space 1999 Book and Record Set (1976) Power Records Comic ATV
  • Mickey Mouse Merry Medley comic c1930s/1940s

Run by Phil Shrimpton, Phil Comics specialises in vintage comics and related items such as annuals, holiday specials, free gifts and original artwork.

Holding monthly eBay auctions, often with 500+ listings, they aim to bring a diverse array of items – and are always on the lookout for vintage comic collections, either to buy or auction on commission.

• Bidding on items in this auction begins to close on Saturday 29th May 2021

• Check out the latest auction items at

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