Phil-Comics latest comics auction offers Trigan Empire art by Don Lawrence , rare “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” toy, and much more

The latest Phil-Comics eBay auction is now live, with a very diverse selection of over 400 listings, include an original page of “Trigan Empire” artwork, the work of series co-creator Don Lawrence for Look and Learn, a rare 1944 Magic-Beano Book and, slightly swaying away from comics, a complete The Man From U.N.C.L.E. rifle set from the 1960s.

The rarity of the latter has, not surprisingly, already attracted buds of over £250, and there’s interest, too in the tie-in figures also on offer.

Run by Phil Shrimpton, the award-winning Phil-Comics specialises in vintage comics and related items such as annuals, holiday specials, free gifts and original artwork. 

“We believe this is the widest range of items offered in our auctions to date,” says Phil.

“You’ll find numerous bound volumes and, interestingly, a good stash of 1950s Australian comics.”

Head to for the full catalogue

The auctions which all end on Sunday 7th and Monday 8th April, from 4.00pm each day.

Action, February – April 1976 – pre-ban issues
Batman #54
The Beano No. 381, fireworks issue for 1949
Commando No. 26
“The Trigan Empire” Original Artwork, signed by the artist, Don Lawrence
A bound volume of Eagle comics, Vo,use 17 (1966)
A bound volume of Film Fun, Nos. 911 – 936 July – December 1937
One of two episodes of “George and Lynne” from The Sun, published in the 2000s on offer in this auction, original art by Joseph Gual,
The Magic-Beano Book 1944
Pippin No. 1 – cover dated 24th September 1966 With Free Gift, featuring “Pogles Wood” on the cover
A rare toy set in original case from 1965, relating to the hit TV series The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Produced by Lone Star with bids already at £250, just don’t refer to it as a gun on eBay… they don’t like the word!
Original Thunderbird 4 J Rosenthal Plastic Toy JR21. An unusual original plastic, battery operated toy producued by J Rosenthal Toys. Made in Hong Kong. 
Victor No. 818 cover dated 23rd October 1976 With Free Gift – Stand-Up Footballers

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