SF adventure “Skow Dogs” and Alan Burrows “Switchblade”debut in all-new 100% Biodegradable,

100% Biodegradable Issue 15 - Cover

Cover by Dave Thomson

Hot on the heels of the SF adventure “Death Duty” by myself, Dave Hailwood and Brett Burbridge in recent issues of digital anthology 100% Biodegradable comes another new story from the “WarWorldz” shared universe project – “Skowdogs“.

In the WarWorldz universe, the once mighty Terran Empire is in decline and under attack, holding onto power with often ruthless force. Most of Earth’s population has long since left the solar system of its birth for the stars (especially after Earth itself became more of a dumping ground than a habitable planet). Humanity has colonised new worlds that have now reached dominion status, seeking independence from the old empire. Transport across the galaxy is achieved by artificially created “hypercorridors”, wrinkles in space-time kept open by the power of the sun. Faster than light travel, but prone to its own disasters and dangers from outside our own reality…

SkowDogs Part One Page OneIn “Skowdogs”, an eight part series, the eclectic crew of the Skow 709 seek out brave new worlds in an effort to make a quick profit. Again working with 100% Biodegradable editor David Hailwood on script and this time round with artist Dave Thomson (The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel, Dr WTF?) – who has done some terrific design work on the story. It’s lettered by Ken Reynolds.  I can promise you plenty of action, dark humour and nasty aliens aplenty!

The action (and fun!) just keeps on coming this issue, however, with a great mix of strips and creators. It opens with Dave Roberts (Futurequake, Something Wicked) and Edward Whatley’s “Climate Exchange”, a fun one shot story with terrific art from Edward – definitely a talent to watch. Will the discovery of a receipt for planet Earth could lead to mankind’s salvation or destruction?

100% Biodegradable Issue 15 - "Climate Exchange"

The charismatic Switchblade faces off against a car-obsessed werewolf and mutated germs in the first episode of a three-part series by Alan Burrows (Eagle, 2000AD, Starblazer), Paul H.Birch (TOXIC, Creepy Kofy Movie Time) and Steve Harrison (Fast Car magazine, The Sunday Sport)…

It’s absolutely fantastic to see some of Alan’s work back in print, and “Switchblade” is a racking story with the stunning eye-popping visuals you’d expect from this individual and unique talent. Let’s hope there’s much more to come now he’s been persuaded back into the comics limelight!

100% Biodegradable Issue 15 - Switchblade

Plus, David Hailwood and Brett Burbridge bring you a creepy one-off story, “Dead Weight“, set in a world where the ultimate body upgrades are just a buzz saw away; and then Dave’s back with another tale, this time drawn by Tony Suleri, “The Exterminator”, a cracking tale set on an alien world jam-packed with exotic and dangerous animals. The ending might not be what you expect!

Please do check out this anthology – Dave and the gang pour their heart and soul into this project and I’m chuffed to be part of it.

100% Biodegradable Issue 15 – 36 pages, colour and black and white – is available now from priced $0.99/69p from Drivethru ComicsComicsy | A ComiXology release will follow at a later date; previous issues are available here

• For those who prefer print format, 100% Biodegradable Collections 2 and 3 – which collect strips from issues 7-10, and issues 11-14 respectively, have just been released on Drivethru comics.  Each 110-page anthology is packed with more than 20 strips from the likes of Kek-W, Jon Haward and Dan Cornwell, and priced at £10/$12

Buy the 100% Biodegradable Collection Two here

Buy the 100% Biodegradable Collection Three here

What? I’m Biased? Don’t Just Take My Word For It!

“A “must-read” for all lovers of sci-fi and fantasy comics.” – Haydn Hades, A Place To Hang Your Cape

“The kind of smart script and stylish art that would feel right at home in the pages of the galaxy’s greatest comic!” Alex Thomas, Pipedream Comics

“Good old fashioned sci-fi escapism, and the art of Tony Suleri is worth the entrance fee alone” Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

100% Biodegradable Issue 15  - Dead Weight


100% Biodegradable Issue 15 The Exterminator

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