Who the heck are Europe Comics, anyway? A quick guide to this exciting pan-European project

Many comics fans with a social media presence may have noticed sponsored ads for a project called Europe Comics popping up in their feeds. I’ve run a couple of stories on some books and re-posted some of their items, but I hadn’t quite appreciated just how ambitious or exciting this project was until they posted this video explaining their aims…

Europe Comics – All New Comic Experience| NewsWatch Review from NewsWatch Television on Vimeo.

Europe Comics is a 13-partner European alliance co-funded by the European Union, dedicated to spreading comics and graphic novels, unique to their continent, across the world. They have three main goals. First, the creation of a collective digital imprint representing the varied and unique European comic experience, with about 200 titles added per year. Europe Comics addresses both the reader directly and the foreign publisher interested in licensing in English and other languages. Second is the international exposure of the wildly talented European authors through author tours and events in both Europe and the United States.

Lastly, and this is one for comic creators to take note of in particular –  the shaping of a European comics online directory with all kinds of information about European comics.

The comics and graphic novels they’re promoting aren’t just for the kid inside you who perhaps loved Batman comics of the Beano growing up. We’re talking rather the kinds of rich-in-content graphic novels that will appeal to those who love literature as well.

Recently-promoted projects include a collaborative project from Spain – Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto, and the incredible work of Belgian comic creator  Jean Dufaux (considered one of the most prolific Franco-Belgian comic book authors of our time). Additional features on their web site include exclusive interviews, previews, new content (such as this article on European “Western” comics, including Lucky Luke) and sales. Subscribing to their newsletter gives you the inside scoop on the upcoming releases, events, and all other Europe Comics news.

Well worth checking out.

• For more information visit EuropeComics.com 

• Follow Europe Comics across their social media platforms | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest


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