Sneak Peek: Arcadia #2

Arcadia #2 Cover A

The second issue of Boom! Studios Arcadia written by British creator Alex Paknadel with art by Eric Scott Pfeiffer is released in comic shops tomorrow (3rd June 2015) – and here’s a sneak peek. Issue One went to a second printing, much to the delight of the Lancaster-based writer.

In Arcadia, a child psychologist assesses Giacomo and discovers there’s something very different about him. Lee is pulled out of a plastic surgery procedure by officials and flown to Beijing to examine a Homesteader’s corpse. Officials believe that the real world is conspiring to introduce death into Arcadia. In the real world, Valentin confronts Lee about his illegal midnight calls to his suicidal daughter Coral in Arcadia…

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Arcadia #2 Cover B

Arcadia #2 - Sample Page

Arcadia #2 - Sample Page

Arcadia #2 - Sample Page

Arcadia #2 - Sample Page

Arcadia #2 - Sample Page

Arcadia #2 - Introduction

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