Sneak Peek: Verity Fair Book One: Custard Creams & Pink Elephants by Terry Wiley

VerityFair: Custard Creams & Pink Elephants

Although previously published last year and also available digitally for iPad from SEQUENTIAL (And Part One is also available from Madefire), Terry Wiley‘s marvellous VerityFair Book One: Custard Creams & Pink Elephants gets another round of distribution in comic shops this week thanks to Northampton-based Borderline Press‘ partnership with Fanfare Press (who recently released 24×7 in partnership with the Lakes International Comic Art Festival).

A slightly twisted soap opera with the merest dash of X-FilesVerityFair tells the story of Verity Bourneville, a 40-something semi-talented actress and full-time extrovert, in her quest for success and a good night’s sleep.

“Quite frankly, nobody else produces comic stories that are anywhere similar to Terry Wiley’s,” enthuses Bryan Talbot. “They are unique, well-crafted, character-driven comics, filled with humour, incident and emotion and populated largely by a cast of distinctly individual female characters. In a medium that’s still, in the English-speaking world at least, largely considered by the general public to be dominated by male adolescent power fantasies, Terry’s stories are firmly set outside this geek boy’s locker-room territory.”

“Verity Bourneville doesn’t so much break ‘the fourth wall’ to address you directly, as demolish it and grab you to join her and her mates for all sort of escapades inside the panels,” enthuses Paul Gravett of the story. “Terry Wiley is at the top of his game in VerityFair, fashioning this ’45-year-old car-crash of a personality’ into the most feisty, fascinating, personable, unpredictable, multi-faceted new character in 21st-century British comics. She’ll tell you what it’s all about. Brilliant!”

VerityFair Book One: Custard Creams & Pink Elephants is also available in all good bookshops

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VerityFair: Book One - Sample Page 1 VerityFair: Book One - Sample Page 2

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VerityFair: Book One - Sample Page 5

VerityFair: Book One - Sample Page 6VerityFair © 2013 Terry Wiley.

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