Sneak Peek: New Stories launch in SHIFT #5 on sale this week

Issue Five of publisher and comics distributor GetMyComics SHIFT anthology title, on sale from 10th June 2021, is fit to burst, and features the start of two new stories: “Dega” by Dan McDaid (Planet of the Apes) and “Crucible” by John Freeman (Doctor Who) and Smuzz (“ABC Warriors” for 2000AD).

SHIFT #5 - Cover by Chris Geary
SHIFT #5 – Cover by Chris Geary

A crashed ship, a lone survivor, a monstrous secret hiding in the dark under the world. The clues are all there, but hurry – time is running in… This is “Dega“, the new adventure written, illustrated and lettered Doctor Who, Judge Dredd and Firefly artist Dan McDaid.

“Dega” delivers a stirring, unsettling blend of hardboiled sci-fi action, hypnogogic surrealism and existential mystery. I’ve had a the chance to read the whole story and it’s a fantastic tale, deservedly hailed as “electric… a title you have to read cover to cover and back to front” by Richard Starkings (Elephantmen) and “Beautiful… Valerian meets Ronin” by

Dega by Dan McDaid - Sample Page
Dega by Dan McDaid - Sample Page

In “Crucible” by John Freeman and Smuzz, we are introduced to the world of Shaarn, a place that has been a much fought over piece of real estate down the centuries, with various powers fighting for its resources to exploit – resident sentients included.

To the Higher Powers, it was a game. To the residents of Shaarn, it was like the Gods themselves were at war.

One race ruled Shaarn for over 300 years and exploited it mercilessly. Their rule ended with a massive battle which finally, it was hoped, destroyed them all (but some survive). That Battle required the building of deadly and dangerous artefacts and which left parts of Shaarn pretty much a wreck that it’s only now beginning to recover from.

It’s against this background that our characters – Sylvana, Ardahl, Beloc and Truug, a mis-matched team of ‘ Expeditioners’ assembled by the desperate Cleric, Zingamy, find one of the artefacts that caused the disaster that almost destroyed the entire globe. And if you mess about with technology you know nothing about…

Continuing in this 80-page issue, too, are several ongoing stories:

• “To The Death” by Simon Furman, art by Geoff Senior, lettered by Martin Baines

SHIFT #5 - “To The Death” by Simon Furman, art by Geoff Senior, lettered by Martin Baines

• “Kora” by Chris Geary

Killatoa” by Simon Furman, art by Geoff Senior, lettered by Richard Starkings

• “Shifter” by Brian Haberlin, created by Skip Brittenham and Brian Haberlin, story by Brian Haberlin and Brian Holguin, art by Brian Haberlin, Geirrod Van Dyke with Kungron Yap and Chan Hyuk Lee, lettered by Francis Takenaga

“Shifter” from Brian Haberlin (Sonata, Witchblade), Skip Brittenham, Brian Holguin

• “Soulwind” by Scott Morse

Plus, we’re treated to “The Call of the Nebula” a one-off story by PauScorpi, lettered by Robin Jones

Every issue of SHIFT also features comic creator interviews , news items and more.

SHIFT #5 is available to order now direct from GetMyComics – and will also be available in comic shops this week – and in selected newsagents from early next week

Order SHIFT #5 – and back issues and more, too, from GetMyComics

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