Commando Webbing

DC Thomson’s official Commando website have just completed their first web version of a Commando comic. Wall of Death was originally published in July 1966 in Commando issue 221, written by Redbridge and illustrated by Cortez. The website has formatted… Read More ›

John Dares

The fab comics blog Bear Alley reports that veteran Brit comic artist John Ridgeway is working on a new Dan Dare story for the semi-professional magazine Spaceship Away. According to Bear Alley the strip will… …take Dan back to Terra… Read More ›

Rumble in the Jungle!

(Report originally posted by Richard Sheaf) Two of Carlton’s Commando collections currently available have now been produced in alternative covers by Ian Kennedy. Fetaured here are the two Anzacs at War and the True Brit covers… There’s also a new… Read More ›