Thrud The Barbarian smashes up comic shops to get to shelves – again!

Thrud the Barbarian 2013 Collection Cover

Carl Critchlow’s Thrud The Barbarian is back – and Titan Comics think they’ve got him. We all know that is a vain hope given what a dangerous clod this character is, don’t we readers?

Since his first appearances in White Dwarf in the 1980s, the hapless Thrud has delighted gaming fans for 30 years, most recently as a series of sporadic but award-winning full-length comics published by creator Carl himself, starting with Carborundum Capers in 2002 and a fifth story, Bungle in the Jungle, in 2007.

Now, Titan Comics has collected the series, much to the delight of his fans.

Thrud the Barbarian leads a simple life, one of popping down to his local pub, quaffing a few tankards of ale and starting a fight in which everyone else is beaten senseless. After which comes the wenches! Hurrah!

Trouble is, there always seems to be someone with a quest to interrupt his peace, quiet and packet of crisps…

In his first-ever collection, Thrud faces down a necromancer (FWAP! SPLATT! THWOK!), protects his beer against fierce Frost Giants (THWOP! KER-THUNK!), faces his arch-nemesis (MASH! THWACK! THUNKTHUNKTHUNK!), assumes the role of the king he accidentally killed (POK!) and gets his pint spilled on a mission into the depths of the jungle (SPLUTCH!)!

Thrud the Barbarian is on sale now from all good comic shops and book shops. If they know what’s’s good for them.

• Carl Critchlow’s official web site:

• Here’s some sample pages from the collection! Don’t spill beer on them.

Thrud the Barbarian Sample Page

Thrud the Barbarian Sample Page

Thrud the Barbarian Sample Page

Thrud the Barbarian Sample Page

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