Truugationary: The Wit and Wisdom of Truuglub Vanderpatz The Daunting

Crucible: Task MastersPlease note, these are the only the terms known to date employed by the Chk’Rath, Truug, who features prominently in Crucible.  It will, over time, expand.

Bellingly: Ironically. With thundering yet much-avoided inevitability. Bathetically.

Chk’Rath: Truug’s species (see Episode One)

Frentling: Pantomiming deep thought whilst hoping someone else will solve the problem.

Freskylly: Ever changing. Random. From Freskyll – a stage of the baking process in which Lyndll seeds transform into unpredictable patterns. Freskyll are often collected/stolen by children for use in games.

G’Nrttn: Anyone’s guess. An industrial product? A text?

GnxTyt: A Chk’Rath philosopher, dietician and bon viveur, a fervent advocate of the need to eat raw food for good digestion. Died tragically young.

Grdettering: Rotting in a pleasantly delicious manner. Mouth-watering. Prepared to perfection. A compliment. Metaphorically compliment of/to a member of the ‘opposite’ sex.

Grt-Ran-the-Brantler: Heroic character of children’s stories. 

Hmffrinl: Convivial. Comfortable. Unendingly varied in delight.

Hrrosttrnn: Things of perceived value whose functional value may remain dormant or undiscovered. Originally: Family heirlooms. In the case of Shaarn: Vestiges.

Jsknyyill: Unnatural. Wrong. Eerie. Upsetting to the digestion. Unnerving. Haunted.

Jiiet: Expletive. Damaging to the balance of a tranquil mind.

Keltering: A thing that occurs before one has acknowledged, let alone formed a practical reaction to, it. Over before it’s started. Idiom: The moods of females in oestrus.

Crucible_TapTastic-03-02-SNIPKentling: Out of sight. An object which, if looked at, disappears but remains visible on the edge of a field of vision. Idiom: An idle thought. A musing. A fancy.

Kjisttling: Humanoid. Not of Truug’s species though they may be of widely differing civilisations. The people of Ardahl, Sylvana, Beloc and Zingamy.

Kjntt: Clash. Incompatibility. A failed mating of plant and animal.

Kjnttril: Mythical beast comprising of both plant and animal. The subject of many stories of stupidity and futile projects. Cf: ‘The Kjnttril who tried to wash fire’ & c. colloq: Willfully stupid person.

Kjnttrilish: The act of a willfully stupid person.

Kradddled: The habit of  performing complex actions to achieve simple results due to Kraddlish (ibid). To be fully kradddled is to continue the complex action when the Kradddlish is no longer present cf: Superstition.

Kraddling: To perform a Kraddled action.

Kradddlish: Mobile obstruction, i.e. a badly designed system, tool or law.

Krutting: Not so much fighting as messing people about so much that they no longer wish to be near to you. Practical Joke with extreme prejudice.  Sometimes confused with bullying.

Lalhoint: Nicely rotten. The point at which meat comes off the bone easily but is not quite liquefied. Metaphorical: The perfect time.

Melder:  Hexapod animal of medium intelligence, used for protecting villages.

Mivlesty: Bitter-sweet. An item of food that is delicious when eaten after another item (Jivlesty), by way of contrast, but quite tasteless without the juice of the first. Idiom: A personal joke which one does not share with anyone else as explaining it would ruin it.

N-yrttgg: Anyone’s guess. A drunk?

Orvtrin: A plant cultivated by Truugs people for the construction of durable material such as tools and protective clothing.

(The Parable of the) Two mnesrallers and the Juff-nest: The tale of two mould-hunters who harvest from both ends of a Juff-nest (Something like a horizontal termite mound). A children’s classic.

Raakdist: Ever-present. An ache that began so long ago that you only notice when it stops. ie: Arthritis. Idiom: A social awkwardness. A redundant tradition.

Snelting: The first sprout to emerge from a seed. (Radicle: Invisible unless the seed is germinated above ground). Idiom: A smidgen. A hint. Easily misinterpreted. Also: Glancing blow before inspection by a trained medic.

Tic, Nic, Nac Jokes: Joke structure incorporating assonance in the first two propositions and an allusion (Invariably ironic) in the third. Somewhere between a syllogism, a haiku and the joke form ‘An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman’ jokes.

Trandling: Stomach-singing. Usually at a frequency too low to be heard by Shaarn-ites though might cause a sense of tranquility. NB: Some notes may cause biliousness in Kjisttlings.

Trinkle: Indefinite article. Literally ‘Thing over there, look for yourself, I’m busy’. Given to any item not worthy of being noticed enough to name.

Trow: Archaic idiom. ‘Trow’ as in ‘I bet’ or ‘I promise’.

Valluk: Aesthetic dissonance. The unhappy meeting on a dissecting table of a sewing machine and an umbrella in hostile lighting.

Vranting: Something that, by its prohibition, becomes hard to keep secret. ie: A joke that one must keep quiet about. Thus, a joke that becomes so funny that one cannot avoid laughing. Vrantingly: A Vrantish situation. There is also Vrantling in the negative sense – a sorrow hidden so deeply (ie: Out of a desire not to be ostentatious) that the person hiding it becomes consumed with their grief.

Vrantler: Person beyond the control of social mores and conventions. A madman.

Wrunk: A large mammal commonly used in the treefelling industry.

Crucible_TapTastic-03-01-SNIPCompiled by Smuzz and Eira


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