Two Marvel UK mini-series added to Marvel Unlimited

Mys-TECH Wars and Dark Guard Cover Montage

Out in the wild again for the first time in decades as official digital downloads are two Marvel UK mini-series from the 1990s, the work of some top creators, available on the Marvel Unlimited app.

Mys-Tech Wars #1 - Gatefold Cover
Mys-Tech Wars #1- Gatefold Cover

Mys-Tech Wars was a four-issue mini series, a Marvel UK crossover event in extremis, written by Dan Abnett, drawn by Bryan Hitch. The brainchild of Editorial Director Paul Neary, the mini series, pitting superheroes from both sides of the Atlantic in a mammoth battle against the dark forces of Mys-TECH, a shadowy cabal, was the culmination of events across several Marvel UK titles of the day.

(Unfortunately, I’m having trouble finding this release on the Marvel Unlimited app, hopefully I can add a direct link soon)

Dark Guard #1 (Marvel UK) - cover by Carlos Pacheco

Dark Guard was another MUK mini- series, also written by Dan Abnett, with art by Carlos Pacheco, who made his Marvel debut with a back up strip in Motormouth and Killpower #12, written by Matthew Hyde. The series saw Marvel UK’s heroes, including Death’s Head II and Motormouth summoned by the Time Guardian to form a team against Mys-TECH.

Dark Guard was one of several MUK titles Carlos drew, although some, sadly, such as Motormouth: RE-MIX, was never published.

Let’s hope more digital releases will follow.

Marvel UK fans have long been clamouring for reprints of MUK material, and in addition to Marvel Unlimited releases of the first Death’s Head and first Death’s Head II mini-series, and some other titles such as Dragon’s Claws, there have been some collections in the past, detailed here.

A massive new Knights of Pendragon collection is on its way, now due for release in December, collecting both KOP series for the the first time.

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