You Be The Judge! Planet Replicas Personalised Judge Badges On Sale

2000AD Personalised Judge Badge

Image: Planet Replicas

These have have been available from Planet Replicas for a while, but I’ve only just seen them thanks to a couple of social media posts. If you order now, you might just get a personalised Judge badge in time for Christmas – but you’ll have to be quick.

Straight from the Mega City Armoury, these personalised Judge Badges – priced at £60 each, not including delivery – are resin cast and machined especially for the bearer, using subtractive prototyping. Planet Replicas say they can make virtually any name for you – whether its your surname, Forum nickname, – you name it, they can make it. The only limitation is that we recommend 10 or 11 letters maximum to make sure they read properly in the space available.

If you’re thinking of ordering as a gift, and you aren’t as familiar with 2000AD as some of our readers, then be aware Judge badges use the SURNAME of the Judge as standard, rather than forename.

Each badge comes in its own foam box with a display stand. Note that Planet Replicas say you need to allow 30 days for manufacture.

Planet Replicas Judge Dredd Mick McMahon Figure

Planet Replicas Judge Dredd Mick McMahon Figure

The company has a huge range of 2000AD-related product that looks great, and are just taking pre-orders for a limited edition Mick McMahon art-inspired Judge Dredd figure, that looks positively gorgeous, although it will set you back £55.

Still it’s not as pricey as the Complete Judges outfit, which will set you back a whopping £1650… still, it would set off that personalised badge rather nicely! Just don’t come crying to us after your 20 years in an Iso-Cube for impersonating a Judge!

Check out the full Planet Replicas 2000AD range here on the official site

Planet Replicas Complete Judges Outfit

Planet Replicas Complete Judges Outfit

All images © Planet Replicas. 2000AD and Judge Dredd © Rebelllion

Thanks to Michael Molcher for extra info!

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2 replies

  1. Good to see my photo of my badge being used to advertise these FANTASTIC badges. They are really worth their weight in gold. Wear one with pride or display it in your cubespace or homespace! SPREAD THE DREDD…

  2. Hi James, I grabbed the pic from the Planet Replicas site. Completely missed the launch of these some three years ago now, but it looks like a lot of other people did to, judging from the traffic this article’s had!

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