Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 19: Dan Harris and Barry Nugent

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 19: Dan-HarrisDan Harris joins the guys from the Awesome Comics Podcast to chat about his indie projects Lou Scannon and the about-to-launch Kickstarter for Druid Investigations. We get some really interesting insight into Dan’s working schedule and inspirations for his work to boot. The guys also chat about the best way to use Kickstarter and about their plans for the upcoming Thought Bubble Comics Festival in Leeds.

Chat turns to the CICE Anthology featuring work by Dan, Sarah Millman, Dani Abrams and even Vince ‘The Thumbs’ Hunt. Also, find out why this episode has a working title of “Guns, Buns and Thumbs”!

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 19: Barry Nugent

To add to this meaty extension of an episode Vince also goes all lone wolf and interviews Barry Nugent about his book Unseen Shadows.

We also get a grab bag full of reviews that feature some super violent comics, a list of upcoming events and some shout outs for people attending Thought Bubble with new and exciting books. This is a big one – so take a deep breath and drop your linen!

If you are at Thought Bubble, drop the guys a tweet and have a chat. Just don’t ask Dan about his train journey…

• Listen to the episode right here, or you can find all the episodes so far by searching for The Awesome Comics Podcast on iTunes or go to You can also follow their antics on Facebook at or on Twitter @theawesomepod

• You can find Dan at or on Twitter @Baresark_Artist

• You can find Barry Nugent at or on Twitter @GeekSyndicate

• If you have a small press book that you think the guys would like then why not send it into them at

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