Bob Monkhouse

Thunderbirds art sells for £4550 in latest ComPal auction

The Bob Monkhouse Archive featuring his collection of original artwork produced some record-breaking results in the latest auction at Comic Book Auctions – with a Frank Bellamy double page artwork for TV Century 21 breaking the record for any Thunderbirds piece sold… Read More ›

Bob Monkhouse Archive auction items include Frank Bellamy TV21 Thunderbirds art and more

London-based Comic Book Auctions (ComPal) November catalogue has just opened for bidding at and includes some magnificent artwork boards from the Bob Monkhouse Archive – along with, separately, some rather nifty comics-inspired badges and several “giveaways” from various British comics. Comedian,… Read More ›

Rare “Dark They Were” poster by Bryan Talbot, Bob Monkhouse items, among Aston’s latest memorabilia auction lots

Dudley-based auction house Aston’s will be hosting an Entertainment & Memorabilia Auction later this month, which includes books and more from the private collection of comedian, quiz show host and comics creator Bob Monkhouse. The auction includes cinema posters, lobby… Read More ›

Rare Eagle, Beano and Commando comics on offer in latest ComPalComics auction

ComPalComics, the British comics auction house, has just launched its May/June catalogue, and there are some great items in it, including early, rare issues of DC Thomson’s Commando – including Issue One – Dan Dare comic art (and a ray gun!)… Read More ›

Wartime Beanos, rare Mickey Mouse art and more in latest Compalcomics auction

Rare wartime Beanos dominate many of the lots in the latest Compalcomics auction, which also includes lots of early TV Century 21s, art by Dudley Watkins, early Eagles and more, along with a healthy selection of US comics. The company’s successful team… Read More ›

Blast from the Past: Miracleman creator Mick Anglo’s “Captain Valiant”

Here’s an intriguing character drawn by from Marvelman – sorry, Miracleman – creator Mick Anglo: “Captain Valiant, Ace of the Interplanetary Police Patrol”, published by the London-based Arnold Book Company in the early 1950s. Space Comics began with Issue 50 in 1953… Read More ›

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