T.C. Eglington

In Review: 2000AD Prog 2033 – Dumb Learner Drivers and Echoes of “Charley’s War”

Rich Mega-City One “learner drivers” look like they’re about to get a deadly comeuppance as Judge Dredd investigates a missing person case in this week’s thrill-packed 2000AD, with art from Brendan McCarthy putting a suitably macabre spin on the story… Read More ›

Horror theme for 2014 2000AD Winter Special

2000AD have released the cover for this year’s Halloween-celebrating, horror-themed Winter Special for 2014 featuring a cover by Ben Templesmith. Horror-themed Winter Special contents are… “Judge Dredd: Sorebone” by T.C. Eglington and Riccardo Burchielli “Defoe: Frankensteiner” by Pat Mills and… Read More ›

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