Awesome Comics Podcast spotlights Rob Jones and Madius Comics

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 13: Rob JonesThe latest episode of the Awesome Comics Podcast features Rob Jones, one of the evil geniuses behind new small press publisher Madius Comics, who joins Vince Hunt, Dan Butcher and Tony Esmond to talk about their current and upcoming titles, the amazing crop of creators he’s worked with, what its like to publish a bazillion titles at once, lettering comics and so much more!

In their usual fashion the boys also review some great indie titles and talk about appropriate pricing for comics. Dan talks about push ups and being the body double for Sly Stallone in Over The Top. Tony is chuffed as punch for having his name put on a bar in the Marvel Universe and Vince is attacked on all sides for using the phrase ‘Guys and Gals.’

Plus, don’t miss their competition, where you can win goodies signed by Alan Moore! Listen now and find out more!

Mentioned in this episode are: Rob Jones, Madius Comics, Papercuts and Inkstains, 50Signal, Ramlock Investigates, Average Joe, Christian Wildgoose, Lead Ache Comics, Adult Magazine, HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast, HP Lovecraft Anthology, Exit Generation, Sam Read, Sexcastle, Monkeysquad One, A Place to Hang Your Cape, Pipedream Comics, London Comic Mart, Leamington Comic Con, Nottingham Comic Con, Lakes International Comics Art Festival, Superhero Comics Contest, The Unmentionables, Punisher: Born, Zak Simmonds-Hurn, Monstrosity, Hot Stuff Comic, Gonzo Cosmic, and Amelia Cole

So if like small press comics, drinking stories and dodgy 1970s television presenters why not pop over and have a listen!

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