“Bomb Scares” comic anthology from Time Bomb Comics seeks backing

Bomb Scares Anthology Cover

The Bomb Scares anthology cover by Richard Elson and Dave Kendall

Time Bomb Comics publisher Steve Tanner has just launched a modest Kicstarter – just £500 – to raise funds to publish Bomb Scares, a new horror comic anthology showcasing a truly frightening array of artists and writers.

Intended as an annual release over the next three years, this Kickstarter is for the first anthology collection due to be published later this month.

That’s right – later this month – as every page is already fully completed and ready for printing!

“The concept of Bomb Scares is a simple one, says Steve. “Inspired by the notorious EC horror comics of the 1950s, I wanted to produce a modern horror anthology that would scare, bemuse and repulse – and throw in a dash of unexpected humour too!

“To do this, I aimed high and recruited respected editor Paul H Birch to help put together a truly breathtaking array of comics talent for this first volume – including creators such as Mike Perkins (Deathlok, Captain America), Luca Pizzari (Spider-Man, Black Knight)  and Gary Crutchley (Westernoir).

“We also have 2000AD artists Richard Elson and Dave Kendall who collaborated for the first time to produce the incredible Bomb Scares painted cover.”

Extract from "Monsters In The Motel" written by Mike Lynch, artwork by Steve Austin

Extract from “Monsters In The Motel” written by Mike Lynch, artwork by Steve Austin

Bomb Scares currently stands at 60 terrifying pages, featuring twelve graphic stories of cutting edge horror.

“The artwork throughout is breathtaking,” Steve enthuses. “each of the artists involved producing some incredible pages of comic art to realise the dark and macabre tales of the writers they collaborated with.”

Bomb Scares will be published Time Bomb Comics – a mainstay of the UK Independent comics community since 2007, which has published several critically acclaimed graphic novels and one shots.

Extract From "The Eyes have It" written by John D'cruz, artwork by David Morris

Extract From “The Eyes have It” written by John D’cruz, artwork by David Morris

“I’m not using this Kickstarter as an all-or-nothing approach to publishing Bomb Scares,” Steve reveals. “Instead I’m interested to see how I can perhaps reach beyond the traditional distribution networks and properly reward everyone who pledges at the same time.

“First off, the price of the book (both print and digital) is going to be cheaper when ordered through the Kickstarter than anywhere else. With free postage to UK and BFPO addresses and set postage costs for international backers, hopefully backers will agree that the fixed prices of £3 digital and £10 printed is a good deal for a book like this.

“Secondly, if things go as hoped, that deal will get even better. You see, this is all about rewarding backers, but I’m not looking for hundreds of backers. I’m just aiming for 50 print copies at £10 each to be sold through Kickstarter (which is how I arrived at the low £500 target). With 50 copies (or the target) reached I’ll then start adding pages as stretch goals. As with the target, the goals will be low and achievable. They’ll also be the same: new stories added to the book.

“No postcards, bookmarks, stickers or badges. Just more comics to add some serious value to your reading experience. So the more successful this Kickstarter is, the bigger Bomb Scares will get – but the price (and the postage if you’re overseas) remains exactly the same for backers throughout.”

If you want to know more, head over to the Bomb Scares Kickstarter page now, check out more art samples and maybe even back this indie British project

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