Classical Comics Video Interview

Comics artist Jon Haward and writer John McDonald, part of the creative team on Classicial Comics Macbeth, have been interviewed for the BookZone TV, an online video channel from the Borders bookshop. View the video here

Classical Comics recently announced Japanese publisher Ittosha Incorporated are to translate their books into Japanese. Using a mixture of the company’s Plain and Quick Text versions as the basis, they’ll be producing a single text version for the Japanese market.

“This is hugely exciting and we can’t wait to see the finished books,” a spokesperson for Classical Comics commented. “With luck, we’ll be able to see them at Frankfurt Book Show this October.”

“Our multiple text versions of well-loved classic literature have already proven to be a huge success around the globe,” says Clive Bryant, Chairman of Classical Comics, “particularly with students and teachers who welcome this vibrant, colourful way of introducing these wonderful books.

“Language translations are a natural extension to this. Not only are we exporting Great British literature, but we’re also delivering part of our deep culture at the same time. Just as westerners nd the Japanese culture intriguing, we think that there are many people in Japan who will be equally fascinated by our heritage.”

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