Hoodie Horror from Smith and Bagwell!

The Ravenglade Estate is ‘broken Britain’ as its worse.

Plagued by ASBO-wielding gangs, boarded-up shops stinking with human despair, scattered with piles of rubbish from a month-long binmen strike – this is the Daily Mail’s worst nightmare.

But there are far worse things lurking on Ravenglade Estate…

Cradlegrave – on sale from 13th October – is the ultimate urban horror from the extraordinary mind of writer John Smith and the pen of artist Edmund Bagwell, which first appeared in 2000AD and quickly got fans excited.

“I think it was the cover of prog 1633 that did it for me,” commented one of the team on Those We Leave Behind. “That got my attention, and what followed from that was TWLB reacquainting itself with that fine institution 2000AD. A joy it is too.

“…it is handled with superior skill – the writing of John Smith and the art of Edward Bagwell combine to give you a fully realized kitchen sink drama of a ‘rough’ estate in England with the blurry unease of terror creeping in from the edges. It is nothing less than superb, and I believe will rank amongst the best stories that 2000AD has ever hosted.”

After serving eight months in a Young Offenders Institute, Shane Holt returns home during a long, hot summer to find that there is something lurking behind the locked doors and the security shutters – something far more rotten than petty drug dealing and larceny.

With an introduction from the master of the genre, Ramsey Campbell, Cradlegrave is a classic-in-waiting for modern horror – evil invading not from outside, but from within the mundane, hopeless world of a British ‘sink estate’.

• Craglegrave, ISBN 978-1-907992-46-9
• Hardcover,
96 pages; Publisher: Rebellion (13 Oct 2011)
• Cover price of £13.99

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