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Starblazer Issue 1

Regular downthetubes readers will recall we published some features about DC Thomson’s much-missed SF digest comic Starblazer on downthetubes some time ago, including a checklist of the title.

The section orginally kicked off with a feature by Jeremy Briggs called ‘Blazing Through the Secrecy‘ – pondering the mystery of once-anonymous creators – but also includes background on how the book was created from editor Bill McLoughlin and Ray Aspden‘s memories of writing for the title (‘Behind the Lines‘).

Starblazer 204: The Root KidOne thing the section has always lacked was cover images but now, thanks to the kindness of a reader, we have a full set, so we’ll be adding them to the checklist over time. But for now, you may enjoy checking them out on this off site Gallery.

Starblazer featured many covers by Dan Dare artist Ian Kennedy, plus work by artists such as Keith Page, Ferrer, Enrique Alcatena and Jaimie Ortiz and has been reincarnated in recent years as a game, Starblazer Adventures.

Web Links

• Click Here for Jeremy Briggs article on Starblazer: Blazing Through the Secrecy

Jeremy Briggs ponders DC Thomson’s secretive nature about its creators down the years, and explores the secrets of its science fiction title Starblazer, whose creators included a young Grant Morrison and artist Ian Kennedy… 

• Click Here for From the Command Deck: Starblazer editor Bill McLoughlin’s history of the title

• Click Here for Starblazer Ray Aspden’s feature on writing for the title

• Click Here for Starblazer Recalled: Forgotten Fantasy Fiction – With Pictures by series writer Mike Chinn

• Click Here for a complete Starblazer Cover Gallery (off site)

Cover scans for these Starblazer articles with thanks to ‘Gary’

Starblazer Checklist

Issues 1 – 75 | Issues 76 – 150 | Issues 151 – 200 | Issues 201 – 250 | Issues 251 – 281 | Starblazer Abroad

Starblazer © DC Thomson


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  1. Good stuff, John. I must have a browse at some point.

    Matt Badham

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