Starblazer Checklist: Issues 001 – 075

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Starblazer Checklist

Issues 1 – 75Issues 76 – 150Issues 151 – 200Issues 201 – 250Issues 251 – 281Starblazer Abroad

Issue Number and Title WriterArtistCover ArtistNotes
1: The Omega ExperimentAlan RogersAlan Rogers12p
2: The Domes of DeathRay AspdenKeith Robson12p
Adapted from the story of Perseus and the Gorgon’s head, Ray Aspden reveals
3: Alien AttackAlan RogersAlan Rogers12p
4: The Edge of InfinityMel ChappellKeith Page12p.Keith Page has been working in comics since 1976, represented by The Temple Art Agency. Still working today on DC Thomson’s Commando, his credits are wide ranging, including Thunderbirds, Sonic the Comic, Eagle, Mask, Supernaturals, Wildcat, Football Picture Library, Dandy, Starblazer, 2000AD, Starlord and Revolver. He also worked on Mighty Max for Marvel UK.
Keith has also illustrated science fiction book covers and has worked on a variety of book illustration commissions.
• View his profile on the Lambiek Artists Site 
• View his art for sale at Book Palace
5: The ShipeaterRob CarterJaimie Ortiz12p.
We have been unable to track down much information about Jamie Ortiz — so information welcome. “He did a couple of Battle Complete Stories for Battle Action (1978),” writes Steve Holland, “and also a Tharg’s Future Shock: The War Game in 2000AD 386 (6 Oct 1984). But that’s all I’ve spotted outside of Starblazer.”
Jamie should not be confused with Spanish artist Jose Ortiz, who created the newspaper strip Carolynn Bakerfor the Daily Express in the 1960s and Rogue Trooper for 2000AD. Jose also drew The 13th Floor in the (new) Eagle and UFO Agent in the original Eagle.
6: Killer RobotJohn SpeerCarrasco12p
7: Holocaust HoganMike KnowlesEnrique Alcatena12p

Mike Knowles has been a writer for the past 25 years and his comics credits are far ranging, including Bullet, Warlord, Star Love Stories, Bunty, Mandy, Beano, Dandy, Buster, Whizzer & Chips, Oink, Triffik!, Blue Jeans and Commando. He is also a cartoonist.

• View his profile on Author’s Den

Enrique Alcatena‘s credits also include work for DC Comics such as Batman and for Marvel, Fantastic Four and the X-Men.

Official web site:

8: Planet of FearAlan RogersAlan Rogers12p
9: Lancer the LawlordTony EcclesNorman Lee12p
10: Terror SatelitteDavid R MottonJaimie OrtizIan Kennedy12pDavid Motton also wrote Dan Dare and many 1960s comic strips for titles such as Eagle. Read an interview on downthetubes
11: Purple PlanetJ RadfordJuan Sarompas12pJuan Sarompas also drew Tex et Mex for Spirou in the 1980s.Spanish artist Sarompas was also one of the three main artists on Semic’s James Bond Comic in the 1980s, along with fellow countrymen Manuel Carmona and Josep Gual. This fantastic James Bond comics site has more information:
12: The Web of ArconMike KnowlesCarlos Pino12pSelf taught Spanish artist Carlos Pino is well known for his prolific art partnership with Vicente Alcázar, but carved a solid reputation of his own working on a variety of British comics in the 1970s, including Fleetway’s Battle Picture Weekly, 2000AD, Starlord, Adventure, Speed and Mask.. He also worked on Victor and Commando, , and creates story-boards for advertising campaigns.
• View his profile on the Falcon Squadron web site – a Johnny Red tribute site:
13: Hell ShipAlan RogersAlan Rogers12p
14: Battlecruiser RevengeR TufnellCarrasco12p
15: Algol the TerribleGrant MorrisonGrant Morrison12p 1979
16: The Secret of SomaJ AlbertEnrique AlcatenaIan Kennedy12p
17: The Caverns of KoradJ SpeerFerrer12p 1980
18: Abandon EarthD BroadbentMontero1980
19: Sinister CityRay AspdenOliveraIan Kennedy1980
20: The Doomsday MachinesD DixonJaimie OrtizIan Kennedy1980
21: Robot RebellionAlan RogersAlan Rogers1980
Steve Holland lists J. Albert (writer) and Keith Robson (artist) as the creative team on this issue, which is at odds with the credits list published in later issues of Starblazer. If anyone can confirm the art credits, that would be appreicated – JF
22: The Pirate of Vega IIIG P RiceJuan SarompasIan Kennedy1980
23: Slaveship of SimalaD BroadbentNavarro1980
24: Avenging AngelJ AlbertEnrique Alcatena1980
25: Galactic ShootoutR CarterJaimie OrtizIan Kennedy1980
Steve Holland lists Alberto Saichann as the artist on this issue. Can anyone confirm? Thanks – JF
26: Alien ContactR CarterJaimie Ortiz1980
27: The Drifters of DargaAlan RogersAlan Rogers1980
28: Last Man on EarthGrant MorrisonKeith Robson1980
29: The MoonstealersW WebbEnrique Alcatena
30: The Positronis CannonC ShelborneFerrerIan Kennedy
31: StarstrikeRay AspdenEnrique Alcatena
32: The Machine MasterM ChamberlainEnrique AlcatenaMark Farmer
33: The Lost PlanetR TufnellCarrascoIan Kennedy
34: The Seas of SamorJ RadfordJaimie Ortiz
35: Lord of JarknessR TufnellCarlos PinoIan Kennedy
36: DeathshipS NeeldEnrique AlcatenaIan Kennedy
37: The Planet CrackerAlan RogersAlan Rogers
38: The Seeds of DoomAlan RogersAlan Rogers
39: The Overlords of OltairW CorderoyJaimie OrtizIan Kennedy
40: The Planet TamerG P RiceJaimie OrtizIan KennedyA Planet Tamer story
41: Assault on Planet DestraRay AspdenFerrer
42: The ImmortalsM StallAlberto SaichannIan KennedyArgentinian Alberto Saichann has more recently worked for Marvel on books such as Punisher: Return to the Big Nothing and Punisher War Zone; and Looney Toons for DC Comics (see credit list). His own creation, The Rio Kid – a gangster story set in Rio de Janeiro, and full of nasty, brutal violence – was published in English in 1991 by Eternity Comics. He also provides illustrations for the New York tango magazine co-edited by hist daughter, ReporTango
43: Nowhere WorldAlan RogersAlan Rogers
44: The Caverns of OblivionRay AspdenMonteroIan Kennedy14p 1981
45: Operation OverkillGrant MorrisonEnrique Alcatena1981 A Mikal R Kayn story
46: BlindworldJ RadfordJaimie Ortiz
47: Andromeda IncidentC ShelborneEnrique AlcatenaMike Cox
48: King RobotM GortonFerrer
49: Rigel ExpressW ReedEnrique AlcatenaA Suicide Squad story
50: MoonsplitterRay AspdenSaichannA Hadron Halley story
51: The Prisoners of ZorrP DunnJuan SarompasIan Kennedy14p
52: The Mask of FearM StallMontero14p A Matt Tallis story
53: Samurai WarriorMike KnowlesAlberto SaichannIan Kennedy14p
54: The Torturer of Triton IIRay AspdenEnrique AlcatenaIan Kennedy14p A Hadron Halley story
55: Target EarthT StentCarlos Pino14p
56: Sleeping LegionS NeeldEnrique Alcatena14p
57: Galactic LawmanG P RiceJaimie OrtizA Planet Tamer story
58: Pyramid Power!M ChappellUrbezIan Kennedy
59: Starseeker SquadW ReedEnrique AlcatenaIan Kennedy16p
60: The MegakillersAlan RogersCarlos Pino16p
61: Escape from Devil’s MoonDave H TaylorJaimie Ortiz16p
62: Terror TombRay AspdenEnrique Alcatena16p A Hadron Halley story
63: Lords of the WildernessC ShelbournMartinezIan Kennedy16p
64: The ExterminatorMike ChinnEnrique AlcatenaIan Kennedy16p 1982
65: NeverworldG P RiceJaimie Ortiz16p 1982
66: The Pirates of Ka-LorJ SpeerEnrique AlcatenaIan Kennedy16p 1982
67: Time TunnelD BroadbentSaichann1982
68: Cosmic KillerM GortonJuan Sarompas1982
69: Nightmare PlanetAlan RogersJaimie Ortiz1982
70: Spacetrooper AttackAlan RogersKeith Robson1982

Keith Robson is probably better known for his contributions to the Beano and Dandy titles over the past 30 years; he’s drawn many weekly characters for the above titles and many others, as well as drawing art for school textbooks. He’s also worked as an illustrator and model-maker in pre-school and educational TV, including the legendary BBC show Jackanory.

71: Jaws of DeathD BroadbentMick McMahon1982
72: Massacre on ThuleW ReedBenetIan Kennedy1982
73: Fear on the SpacewaysG P RiceJaimie Ortiz1982
74: Killer ClonesAlan RogersAlan Rogers1982
75: DoomrockW ReedEnrique AlcatenaIan Kennedy1982 A Suicide Squad story
This article is © 2006 Jeremy Briggs and must not be reprinted without his express permission. Starblazer is © DC Thomson. The images featured in this article are done so for review purposes only and no copyright infringement is intended.



This page is part of our Starblazer section on downthetubes. 

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• Click Here for From the Command Deck: Starblazer editor Bill McLoughlin’s history of the title

• Click Here for Starblazer Ray Aspden’s feature on writing for the title

• Click Here for Starblazer Recalled: Forgotten Fantasy Fiction – With Pictures by series writer Mike Chinn

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Starblazer Checklist

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