New PanelxPanel out now, celebrating the comics medium

The latest issue of PanelxPanel (Issue 8), a new digital magazine celebrating the medium of comics, is available now.

The magazine features plenty of the best creators discussing craft and process, and articles taking deep dives into some of the best comics every month, in 100 pages.

Edited by Strip Panel Naked YouTube show host Hass Otsmane-Elhaou, the magazine features a rotating set of writers ranging from critics to professionals, fans and comic stores.

Each issue has two halves across its 90+ ad-free pages. The first, a focus on a particular comic and featuring a series of essays, interviews, process pieces and an exclusive Strip Panel Naked column all focused around that comic.

The eighth issue covers Image Comics Twisted Romance, a four-part anthology series by Alex de Campi, Katie Skelly, Alejandra Gutiérrez, Carla Speed McNeil, Trungles and more.

There’s also an exclusive Strip Panel Naked on its storytelling approach, and other features on theme and story.

The second half features regular articles, interviews, craft essays, a comic, and a series of comic recommendations from a range of comic-related voices.

For the regular features, comics critic Emma Lawson takes on the Final Thoughts column about her favourite comics ending.

Batman, Wonder Woman, Lazarus and Black Magick writer Greg Rucka takes on “5 Questions With…,” and Ales Kot talks through his process of crafting stories in Craft Corner.

This issue also contains a 2017 wrap-up, looking at what the year meant for comics.

Plus, there’s the usual bunch of recommendations from writers, artists, fans, critics and shops as to what they’ve been enjoying this month.

Buy PanelxPanel for just $2.50 via Gumroad

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