“Rok of the Reds” collected – a Roy of the Rovers meets Doomlord styled SF adventure!

Rok of the Reds - Collection Cover

BHP Comics have announced a collection of the much-praised Rok of the Reds mini-series, written by 2000AD’s John Wagner and Alan Grant, drawn by Judge Dredd artist Dan Cornwell, withcolours by Abigail Bulmer.

Due for release 16th April 2018, Rok of the the Reds is a terrific SF adventure with a football-focused setting. Dangerous intergalactic outlaws and an arrogant footballer collide when Rok of Arkadi, on the run after his home world is destroyed, needs a hiding place. And that hiding place happens to be troubled football star Kyle Dixon.

Rok of the Reds - Sample Art

Rok of the Reds - Sample Art

Rok of the Reds - Sample Art

Rok of the Reds - Sample Art

Some sample pages from Rok of the Reds

But the resulting sporting success of this melding brings unexpected attention, making it harder for Rok to keep his identity a secret. As well as hiding from nosey journalists and inquisitive kids, Rok is also being chased by alien assassins… talk about distractions when you’re trying to win a big game!

Fans of Alan Grant’s “Doomlord” strip from Eagle will love this concept, although this a very different take on the “aliens in disguise” story. Quite why it hasn’t got more attention from comics fans is a total total mystery to me, and I can imagine frustrating for its creators, because it’s great fun.

im not alone in thinking that, either.

“Even if you’re not a massive football fan, Rok of The Reds is a great all ages read, that is a really nice flashback to those classic sporting tales of old,” notes Alex Thomas over at Pipedream Comics. “The art from Dan Cornwell also gives it a really solid and classic feel, with a very polished 2000AD feel to it… He manages to perfectly balance exploding planets and intergalactic spaceships with edge of the seat sporting action, and has created a fantastic and eye catching lead with Rok.”

“I love the commentary on the football matches by the crowd,” enthuses our very own Richard Sheaf. “This is so redolent of old Roy of the Rovers comics as to bring a retro glow to this old school comics fan.

“If you’re not a football fan don’t let [the setting] put you off,” says Lew Stringer. I can’t stand football and I thought this comic was brilliant!”

This trade paperback collects all six of the single issue comics with never before seen bonus material.

You can pre-order Rok of the Reds now from BHP Comics

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