Tube Surfing: 21 October 2008

• Titan is to release a collection of Jane strips from the Daily Mirror later this week and over on Bear Alley Steve Holland has cast his expert eye over the various stories which made up the strip’s run. The article includes a full listing of her stories.
Jane: The Misadventures of a Bright Young Thing is published by Titan Books on 24 October 2008. You can buy it from (ISBN 978-1848561670)

• (via Forbidden Planet International): Phill Jupitus continues his series talking to a variety of cartoonists for Radio 4, this week meeting Charles Peattie and Russell Taylor, creators of the financially obsessed City businessman Alex. As with the first two parts (with Gary Trudeau and the Cartoonists With Attitude group) there is also a permanent link. If you missed the show show or forget to use the BBC’s “Listen Again feature” before it expires (it has a seven day window) you’re still covered.

downthetubes is pleased to report that contributor John Freeman is now writng British comics news items for the SciFi Channel UK web site.

• The first issue of Liam Sharp’s new project, Gears of War, has sold out! “I’m so delighted,” the British artist says via his deviantart blog. “It’s been an age since I last had a sell out comic – Death’s Head Gold in fact, from ’93 I think. Thankfully I hear Diamond are putting in an order for more, so if you missed it make sure to go and reserve a copy!”
There’s a new site up with art for sale from Gears of War but Liam warns it’s selling really fast. “My head is spinning!” he says. Check it out at:

• Talking of Death’s Head, Marvel UK fan blog It Came From Darkmoor has a detailed psoting on the appearance of Doctor Necker, creator of Minion aka Death’s Head II in a recent issue of Marvel’s Nova, written by Dan Abnett (also the writer of Death’s Head II back in the 1990s) and Andy lanning. So, any chance Marvel is finally bringing Death’s Head intot he mainstream Marvel Universe? Read the full post…

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