Your chance to be Captain Britain – 1970s style!

A rare, unworn 1970s Captain Britain costume produced by Marvel UK goes under the hammer at eBay auction house Phil-Comics next month.

Captain Britain Chest Motif and Wristband Sets Advertisement

“Leap into action as the UK’s favourite Superhero with one of these Captain Britain Chest Motif and Wrist Band Sets!” Read the exciting promotion in the ads for the item. “Each set contains one strong polythene wraparound top with a yellow lion emblazoned on a red background, and two Union Jack wrist bands, just like ol’ C.B. wears….. It’s only patriotic to sport Britain’s colours in Jubilee year!”

Graeme Wood, of Speke, Liverpool, was an avid fan of Marvel UK back in April/May 1977, so diligently sent off his 75 pence Postal Order and eagerly awaited his set.

He’s just consigned this rare, unworn collectible to the British eBay-based auction house Phil-Comics, who will include it in their next auction in June.

Captain Britain Chest Motif and Wristband Sets

Captain Britain Chest Motif and Wristband Sets

Captain Britain Chest Motif and Wristband Sets

Captain Britain Chest Motif and Wristband Sets

Captain Britain Chest Motif and Wristband Sets

Graeme told auctioneer Phil Shrimpton he was a “little underwhelmed” when his pack arrived, which is perhaps why it remains unused to this day!

Phil-Comics have been specialist online comic dealers and auctioneers since 2002, having been collectors for over ten years previously. They have built up a strong eBay reputation trading in vintage British comics, annuals, books, holiday specials, free gifts, original artwork and memorabilia.

If you’re a Captain Britain fan, be sure to follow Phil-Comics on social media or follow their eBay auctions by clicking ‘Save this seller’ at their eBay shop, to be ready to bid on one of the rarest items they expect to sell in 2019…

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2 replies

  1. The ad promises a free gift … the pack displayed has two wristbands and one chest piece. Was the instruction card the fourth piece? How were they packaged?

    • The pictures featured suggest the “costume” (such as it was) arrived in a plain envelope and yes, it does indeed appear the instructions constituted what the original buyer described to auctioneer Phil part of the “underwhelming” package…

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