In Praise of… Jim Steranko’s Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Like many people who grew up in the pre-digital era, for Alan Woollcombe childhood entertainment meant chocolates, bikes and comics, along with now extinct hobbies such as plane spotting, bird watching and stamp collecting. This is a story about a lifelong love affair of his. But it’s not for a person…

IDW continues the Star Trek: Discovery story with “Aftermath”

Following the shocking events of the Season Two finale, the thrills of the wildly popular Star Trek: Discovery – broadcast on CBS in North America and Netflix across the rest of the globe – continue in a new three-issue comic book miniseries from IDW Publishing, Star Trek: Discovery – Aftermath

Latest Panel to Panel Podcast looks back at IDW’s Doctor Who stories

Episode 103 of the Doctor Who: Panel to Panel Podcast is live and dials back time to IDW’s time publishing stories of everyone’s favourite Time Lord. Doctor Who Magazine contributor Will Shaw joins host Jeremy Bement discuss his article about… Read More ›

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