2000AD’s D.R. & Quinch return in “2000 AD Regened”, Rebellion’s Free Comic Book Day 2018 all-ages giveaway!

2000AD has just announced 2000 AD Regened, its brand new all-ages title, for Free Comic Book Day 2018! 2000 AD Regened is a riotous new comic featuring original, full-colour strips packed with thrill-power for Earthlets of all inception dates and with FCBD… Read More ›

Accent UK activate “Stephenson’s Robot” at Thought Bubble

Stephenson’s Robot is a new mini-series from Accent UK, an alternate reality story that asks the question … ‘What if Queen Victoria, saddened by the death of so many of her nation’s young men fighting overseas, had tasked Robert Stephenson… Read More ›

Raygun Roads project gets set for full launch at Lakes International Comic Art Festival

Regular readers will recall we plugged the upcoming launch of indie project Raygun Roads back in July – an incredible-looking multi-media project that includes a music album, written by Owen Michael Johnson, designed by Andy Bloor, drawn by Indio and… Read More ›

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