Accent UK activate “Stephenson’s Robot” at Thought Bubble

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Stephenson’s Robot is a new mini-series from Accent UK, an alternate reality story that asks the question … ‘What if Queen Victoria, saddened by the death of so many of her nation’s young men fighting overseas, had tasked Robert Stephenson and Isambard Kingdom Brunel with building her an army of mechanical men?’ Shifting their focus from the railroads the two great rival engineers set to work, but as is the case with rivalry they worked on the problem independently.

Created by Dave West, Indio and Jon Ayre, with back up artwork from Marleen Lowe the first issue of Stephenson’s Robot will be released this weekend at Thought Bubble in Leeds. It sees the result of the Queen’s challenge, Stephenson’s robot, named Kingdom, in the middle of hostilities in the First World War. Is he the only such soldier then ? If not then why has he left his regiment and why is he part of a traveling circus of very strange people, each with their own story to tell and each almost as out of place in the world in which they find themselves as Kingdom himself?

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This is the first issue in a seven issue full colour mini-series that will follow the circus troupe as they make their way across France to do battle with another mechanical creature. A creature that threatens to turn the outcome of the war. This is a confrontation that has been predicted by the Jigsaw Girl, played out on her very own skin. It is a destiny that cannot be avoided. A destiny that must not be avoided. And a battle that simply must be won.

Stephenson’s Robot will be available from the Accent UK sales table in New Dock Hall at Thought Bubble over the weekend of 15-16 November 2014.

There are more details of all Accent UK’s titles on their website and their blog.

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