Dogbreath 35 - cover by Stewart Davies and Darren Stephens

In Review: Dogbreath 35

Wrapped in a stunning cover from Stewart Davies and Darren Stephens, Dogbreath 35 – the latest issue of the longest-running 2000AD fanzine – is available now from Futurequake Press (as is Zarjaz 32, which I’ll try and review later this week if I can) Within the 48 pages there are nine strips set in the worldContinue reading In Review: Dogbreath 35

FutureQuake Issue 29 - Cover

In Review: FutureQuake Issue 29

The latest issue of FutureQuake – available online and on sale at various comics events across the UK at the publisher’s stand, see their blog for details – is another terrific anthology of stories from the cream of (mainly British) creators. Here’s what’s inside the 96-page issue – yes, 96 pages of comics goodness! – editedContinue reading In Review: FutureQuake Issue 29

Something Wicked Issue 10

Something Wicked for Thought Bubble

  Have you ordered your copy of FutureQuake Press’s Something Wicked #10 yet? Wrapped in a cover from Jon Taylor, here’s the full line up of this ace horror comic anthology… “Graveyard Shift” (writer) David McCluskey, (art) Sam Weller, (letters) Bolt-01 “Angler” (writer) Richard Pearce, (art & letters) Jack Davies “The Fifty Yard Fox” (writer)Continue reading Something Wicked for Thought Bubble

Fabman from The Pride and The Pride Adventures, drawn by Jack Lawrence

Creators taking pride in The Pride, LGBT comic series

Have you ever been sick of being misrepresented? Of having no one like you to look up to? Have you ever wanted to change everything?Well, FabMan has. In a world populated by superpowers, the superhero is common. Sadly for FabMan (Tomorrow’s Fabulous Man, Today), he feels a deep schism in the representation of his community,Continue reading Creators taking pride in The Pride, LGBT comic series