Creators taking pride in The Pride, LGBT comic series

Fabman from The Pride and The Pride Adventures, drawn by Jack Lawrence

Fabman from The Pride and The Pride Adventures, drawn by Jack Lawrence

Have you ever been sick of being misrepresented? Of having no one like you to look up to? Have you ever wanted to change everything?Well, FabMan has. In a world populated by superpowers, the superhero is common. Sadly for FabMan (Tomorrow’s Fabulous Man, Today), he feels a deep schism in the representation of his community, his own heroic exploits being presented as just big jokes in the news.
Wanting to fight for change, he forms PRIDE, the world’s premier LGBTQ supergroup. Not exactly receiving the desired response, the group faces opposition from the confrontational Justice Division, more aggressive misrepresentation by the media and are then taken advantage of in the plans of the nefarious Reverend. After a serious trial by fire, the team find themselves the only super team in the world capable of stopping The Reverend’s diabolical plot for world domination.Join FabMan, Wolf, Muscle Mary, Frost, Twink, Bear, Angel and White Trash on their mission to help people and improve LGBT representation in the process.

The Pride is a series of comics created by Joe Glass and a cavalcade of amazing artists. With a six issue main series currently in production, along with sister project The Pride Adventures, which features shorter stories expanding the world and characters of The Pride, creators involved include Gavin Mitchell (Stiffs), Dan Harris (Lou Scannon), Hector Barros, Kendall Goode, Christian Wildgoose (Porcelain), Joshua Faith (Just Another Sheep), Kris Anka (Uncanny X-Force, A+X, Age of Apocalypse, Glory, The Hypernaturals), Cory Smith (Legends of the Shadow Clan, The Independents), Jack Lawrence (Tinpot Hobo), Jack Davies, Marc Ellerby (Chloe Noonan, Ellerbisms) and Kris Carter (Lou Scannon).

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