Patrick McGoohan

Do you remember Lion’s “Danger Man” comic strip?

Back in the 1960s, the success of James Bond in print and on the big screen spawned or inspired many similar heroes – and heroines – on TV and comics. One of them was the hugely-popular British series Danger Man, starring Patrick McGoohan, who would go on to star in the cult show The Prisoner. One of the show’s comic spin-offs is less well known than others…

Remembering Disney’s dalliance with terror – Doctor Syn retrospective announced

A special retrospective of a classic Disney-told tale starring Danger Man and The Prisoner star Patrick McGoohan is to get a retrospective in Hollywood in October. The Scarecrow’s story was filmed on location in the Romney Marsh area and at… Read More ›

Borderliners is a Real Treat for fans of The Prisoner and Phillip K. Dick

Manchester-based writer/artist Brian Gorman‘s second graphic novel, Borderliners: True Realities, was published by Invisible Six Ltd a few months ago. I’m ashamed to confess he handed me a copy last October, but it’s taken me this long to escape The… Read More ›

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