This Week’s UK News Stand Snapshot: “The Thirteenth Floor” is Back!

New British news stand comics / magazine on sale this week include 2000AD Prog 2153, Judge Dredd: The Megazine Issue 413 – and the smashing Scream and Misty presents The Thirteenth Floor: Home Sweet Home, all on sale today; plus the latest Beano, Commando, The Phoenix and more.

New Beano offers free copy of 2019 annual in limited distribution promotion

This week’s Beano (Issue 3977) is getting a limited distribution promotion, offering a bagged, free copy of the 2019 Beano Annual with purchase at participating WHSmith stores, which appear to be those at railway stations and airports. It got a… Read More ›

New Striker comic distribution stymied by WHSmith, but the publishers have a cunning plan…

The new Striker football comic – its launch the result of a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign earlier this year – has been hit by distribution problems that mean Issue 3 will now not go on sale until next week in newsagents…. Read More ›

British Comic Sales Figures, Winners and Losers (January – June 2018): Beano on the rise, Peppa Pig continues to party to high sales

Report by John Freeman and Jeremy Briggs The latest sales figures for some comics and children’s magazines available on the UK news stand for the first half of 2018 have been published by the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC). There are winners… Read More ›

Northern Ireland’s newsagents put some of England’s to shame when it comes to Comics Retailing

Back in 2015, Oink! Blog creator Phil Boyce wrote a post in the early days of December encouraging readers to go and explore the comics shelves of their local shops, whether they were newsagents, supermarkets, comic stores or local corner… Read More ›

Don’t Scream yet if you Misty-ed this Halloween Special from 2000AD… Here’s how to get you copy!

If you’ve missed out on a copy of the Scream & Misty Halloween Special 2017 – the first, we hope, of many such items from 2000AD publisher Rebellion (and the word is, there will be more!) – then there’s still plenty… Read More ›

British Comic Sales Figures, Winners and Losers (January – June 2017): Publishers bullish, MEGA and LEGO titles on the rise

The latest sales figures for comics available on the UK new stand might on first sight make for depressing reading for both publishers and readers alike (the latter fearing for the cancellation of their favourite titles). But closer inspection of… Read More ›

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