Doctor Who – Tales from the TARDIS vworps back into newsagents, but we missed it!

Doctor Who - Tales from the TARDIS Volume 3 MontageTitan Comics recently relaunched their British news stand title Doctor Who – Tales from the TARDIS title – but it seems not only did its revival pass Doctor Who fans by, but unfortunately, finding copies is a problem for some, too.

The publisher previously announced a break for the title last August with #2.6, but relaunched it last month with Volume 3 (#3.1), offering reprints of three stories first published for the direct sale market.

The first stories running in this new volume are the Tenth Doctor story “The Good Companion”, the Twelfth Doctor tale “Hidden Human History” and “With A Little Help from My Friends”, the Tenth-Twelfth Doctor crossover also running in Titan’s comic shop-distributed Doctor Who title.

Doctor Who - Tales from the TARDIS Volume 3 Issue 1 (#3.1)

The title is a great way to read some Titan Comics Doctor Who stories at a reasonable price and is available on subscription direct from the publisher – with tiers offered for European and Worldwide fans, too. But in the UK, many fans are reporting they have not seen the title on sale, particularly in WHSmith, although it is being stocked by independent retailers such as McColls.

The second issue is on sale now, although strangely it isn’t currently listed on Titan’s UK magazines web site. Issue 3.3 is on sale on 3rd March.

I have to confess I was so surprised to see this Doctor Who title in my corner shop last week, I wrongly assumed it was something that had been stuck on the shelf for a while and had “resurfaced” after previous customers had had a rummage through the shelf. I should have looked more closely!

This small McColls in Skerton, Lancaster, makes as much use as possible despite small space to promote the range of young children's titles it sells, including Doctor Who - Tales from the TARDIS

Spotted lurking in McColls – the new Doctor Who – Tales from the TARDIS #3.2

Launched in 2015 as a companion title to Titan’s news stand Doctor Who Comic series, Tales from the TARDIS initially reprinted material from the mini-series, Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor and other stories.

Doctor Who: Tales from the TARDIS #1 - CoverThe title succeeded Doctor Who Comic as the UK release source for Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor and Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor with Issue 4 (#1.4) and went on to reprint the full first and second year of the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor’s series and other material.

In 2018, the title was relaunched at Issue #23, as Issue #2.1 which included material from “The Many Lives of Doctor Who”, “The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor” and the first Thirteenth Doctor comic story, “A New Beginning”.

Doctor Who: Tales from the TARDIS #2.1 - CoverThis second volume lasted just six issues, presumably because the reprint rapidly burnt through available material to reprint with Titan scaling back the number of Doctor Who-related titles it published.

Presumably, this Volume might also have a short extent too, unless the publisher is planning to extend it by re-running older material published in earlier editions, or other Doctor Who comic material.


If you, like others, can’t find a copy of Doctor Who – Tales from the TARDIS, then you might want to pre-order a copy of the collection, Doctor Who – A Tale of Two Time Lords, due for release as a collection on 7th July 2020.

This collection offers the entire Tenth-Twelfth Doctor story that’s kickstarted Titan’s Doctor Who – The Thirteenth Doctor Year Two by Eisner-nominated writer Jody Houser and artist Roberta Ingranata.

The story ties in with the fan-favourite Who episode “Blink”, written by former showrunner Steven Moffat and pits the Thirteenth Doctor and friends – Yaz, Ryan and Graham – against Weeping Angels. Who else can help her out but one of her previous incarnations: the Tenth Doctor himself…

Landing in the swinging 1960s, Thirteen and fam are stranded in the middle of a territorial battle between the Angels and the Autons, all the while having to avoid her former self and causing the universe to implode! What could go wrong?

The Tenth Doctor story “The Good Companion” was also published in Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor – Facing Fate and “Hidden Human History” was collected in Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Volume 3.

Doctor Who - A Tale of Two Time LordsDoctor Who – Tales from the TARDIS Issue #3.2 is out now and available through at least some British newsagents | Individual issues of Doctor Who – Tales from the TARDISare available here from, and you can subscribe through the site, too | Or subscribe to Doctor Who – Tales from the TARDIS here direct with Titan Comics

There’s a detailed guide to Tales from the TARDIS here on TARDIS Fandom

Doctor Who – A Tale of Two Time Lords is due for release as a collection on 7th July 2020 (Amazon Affiliate Link)

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  1. The McColls near my house doesn’t sell this, and neither does WHSmith. Titan obviously don’t want my money. I’m not paying a 50% markup to buy it online!

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