Casting Call for Watchmen

(via Comics2Film): Film web site MovieHole has laid hands on casting calls for the film adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ seminal Watchmen, with character outlines as follows offered as a guide to agents seeking to work for the actors they represent:

Sally: Laurie’s mother, Sally is a former superhero: a beautiful, fit woman in her 30s (actress will play age 25 – 65). One of the original ‘Watchmen’, she’s a woman with secrets. A woman who starts drinking in the early afternoon and whose condo is full of souvenirs from her crime-fighting days. Sally was almost raped by Edward Blake (The Comedian), an event that almost broke up the original group. But she (literally) kissed and made up with Blake years later, and has kept secret the fact that he is Laurie’s biological father. Requires some nudity and intense physicality.

Moloch / Edgar Jacobi: Mid-Late 60s. This withered older man is a former supervillain, now dying of cancer, seen placing flowers on the grave of The Comedian. Recognized by Rorschach as The Comedian’s former arch-enemy, he’s aggressively questioned and intimidated by Rorschach in his home, and reveals that a blubbering, drunken Comedian broke into his home right before his death;

MovieHole also published for the characters “Big Figure” and “Body Builder”.

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