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The Return of Paper?

British comic creator Adam York Gregory has just released his new book based on his webcomic, The Flowfield Unity — but has abandoned trying to sell it by Print On Demand in favour of a tried and tested distrIbution method… Read More ›

C2D4 Launches new titles

Newly launched self-publishers C2D4 (an aliteration of Comics To Die For) enjoyed a successful launch at the Bristol International Comic Expo earlier this month, with Essex-based duo artist and writer Tony Wicks, and writer Martin Buxton unveiling three titles: Last… Read More ›

Free Tozzer!

Everyone likes free stuff, right? So to cater for all the cheapskates (I mean, you sophisticated members of the cultural elite), the the creators of the hilarious comic strip Tozzer, Rob Dunlop and Peter Lumby, launched a brand new Tozzer… Read More ›