Happy Birthday, 2000AD! From script droid Paul Cornell

IGN describes this scene from Flesh (one of Paul’s favourite strips) as one of 2000AD’s “Top Shocks”. Read their list

Name: Paul Cornell

Blog or web site:

Currently working on: 
Cops and Monsters, my urban fantasy novel, out from Tor in October.

First memory of 2000AD?

I’d avoided it, until Mark from up the lane lent me a whole pile, from the first prog on.

Favourite Character or Story?

I loved Dan Dare, Flesh and Harlem Heroes.

What do you like most about the 2000AD?

It was the way it all felt of one mind, that it seemed to portray a unified way of looking at the future, that it was kind of a genre in itself, that really attracted me.

What would you most like to see in 2000AD as it heads to its Forties?

New strips, attempts at new iconic characters.

If you worked on 2000AD, do you have an anecdote you’d like to share about your experience of Tharg and his minions?

I am one of only two British creators working in US comics who’s never worked for 2000AD.  (The other is Paul Jenkins, I think.) I’ve only ever worked for the Megazine, where I pestered editor David Bishop until he agreed to the strip he’d turned down a year before.

• This post is one in a series of tributes to 2000AD to mark its 35th birthday on 26th February 2012. More about 2000AD at www.2000adonline.com

2000AD © Rebellion

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