Meet 2000AD’s new demon hunter: Absalom

Dying of cancer, combating demons and swigging from a bottle of laudanum – Inspector Harry Absalom ain’t exactly Inspector b***** Morse.

Mixing The Sweeney with The X-Files, Absalom is the latest dark tale from Necronauts writer Gordon Rennie, brought to gritty life with artwork from newcomer Tiernen Trevallion.

Premièring in 2000AD prog 1732 tomorrow (5th May), Absalom is a pseudo-spin-off from Rennie’s popular but unfinished Caballistics, Inc. series for 2000AD about a freelance team of demon hunters caught up in an ancient game of good versus evil.

A page from new thrill Absalom

An old-school London copper, Absalom has been on the force for 40 years. He’s also head of a special squad that enforces The Accord, a diplomatic treaty made in the 15th Century between the throne of England and the powers of Hell, keeping tabs on the demons who walk amongst us.

Gordon Rennie’s past credits include Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper for 2000AD (among many others) and he’s recently written Monsterology, a new comic being drawn by PJ Holden which will be published later this year.

Tiernen Trevallion describes himself as a “goat-based life form forced out of school at an early age for eating stationery, after which I decided college didn’t deserve me.”

Ever since, he’s been working as an illustrator, storyboard artist, matte artist and more: his illustrations recently featured in Black Library’s The Bloody Handed and Barman’s Tale, written by Jaspre Bark. He’s also created album covers for bands such as Deadbeat Kaos, Malpractise and Bad Company UK.

Dark, nasty and just a little bit funny – Absalom is another twisted tale from 2000 AD that lends new meaning to the phrase ‘demonic forces’.

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Absalom debuts in 2000AD Prog 1732

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