Our Man In New York: New York Comic Con Day Two by Tony Esmond

NYCC 2016 Day 2 - Javitts Center

NYCC 2016 Day 2 - Dealers Hall

The second day of the New York Comic Con 2016 was pretty ruddy great. I managed to blag it early into the Dealers Hall, which seemed eerily empty compared to the crazy hours of opening yesterday. During this magical hour I got to handle and gaze at some incredible original art…

NYCC 2016 Day 2 - Artwork for Sale 1

NYCC 2016 Day 2 - Artwork for Sale 3

NYCC 2016 Day 2 - Artwork for Sale 2

Thor Kirby pages, Steve Ditko horror pages, Jim Starlin, the Buscema brothers – it was all there. Pages that you can touch and examine – but all with a huge pricetag. Today was going to be all about the art and the back issues. If you have to ask how much these cost, you ain’t got enough dough to buy them!

After a short time the best quarterback in comics Brian Vander arrived (pictured here with punchy Marc Laming). A pal who hangs with us every year at the NYCC and beyond and the hugely talented artist on World of Grey comic (co-crated with Bob Lucenti) and so much more. (You can find more about Brian and his great art on Twitter @vander11chi).

NYCC 2016 - Marc Laming and Brian Vander

Marc Laming and Brian Vander

NYCC 2016 Day 2 - Artists Alley

Time to hit Artists Alley again… and our first stop was to see Daniel Warren Johnson. We were lucky enough to have Daniel as a guest on a recent episode of The Awesome Comics Podcast and he is totally the guy to watch at the moment. His art is (as I told him) Geoff Darrow level detailed, with some of the best design and action you’ll see in comics. You have got to get over to www.space-mullet.com or Twitter @danielwarrenart to see more of this incredible work.

NYCC 2016 Daniel Warren Johnson

Daniel Warren Johnson

This photo shows a page from Daniel’s new mini comic Martok, about that much put upon Klingon from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Brian Vander asked this photo to be called “Suck it, Vince”)…

NYCC 2016 Daniel Warren Johnson - Martok

Whilst we were hanging out at Marc Laming’s table I was lucky enough to meet Tristan Jones. Currently working on Aliens for Dark Horse, this is another guy who is really going places. We swapped stories of comics and laughed at some NSFW tales.

NYCC 2016 - Tristan Jones

Tristan Jones

Aliens art by Tristan Jones

A great guy with an bloody incredible art style, find out more about this Aussie at www.instagram.com/tyrannojones or follow him on Twitter @tyrannojones.

Roaming the main floor I also got to finally meet the writer of Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises – a great guy called Jeff Kline. This was a great new series that launched with a zero issue on New Comic Book Day this year. Published by Darby Pop, It’s co-written with Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee and has some great pencils and inks by Brandon McKinney. I hadn’t been able to find new issues in the UK, so grabbed the new ones straight away.

Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises

Find out more about this and other stories and grab a copy at www.darbypop.com or follow them on Twitter @DarbyPopComics.

The day was also filled with watching some top names draw. Here are a few examples…

NYCC 2016 - Bill Sienkiewicz

Bill Sienkiewicz was putting some real time in with the fans.

NYCC 2016 - Ed Benes

Ed Benes, working on possibly the best Jam Piece I have seen in a while…

NYCC 2016 - Steve Dillion

Steve Dillon, representing the UK with some Punisher for fans.

And I have to include this amazing Ben Grimm from Brent Schoonover!

NYCC 2016 - Ben Grimm by Brent Schoonover

Chatting to Brent, we agreed that a Crime Noir/Private Eye story of Ben as a Detective investigating crime in Yancy Street would kill!

Also, here are some of the better (and weirder) cosplay I found (‘cos I know you love it!)

NYCC 2016 Cosplay - Star Wars

Why have a spaceship when the walk from Grand Central it is only a half hour?

NYCC 2016 Cosplay - Union Jack

Hey! I know this geezer!

… and this has to be the best costume ever!

NYCC 2016 Cosplay - Best Costume Ever? Modok

Tomorrow is Saturday. You better get yourself in order.

Tony Ez Esmond

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