Digital Media

Stealing Dilbert

When the G8 governments met in Japan this week, one of the items on the agenda that has been discussed in secret for months was signing an agreement that could enable customs officers and others to search your laptop or… Read More ›

The Return of Paper?

British comic creator Adam York Gregory has just released his new book based on his webcomic, The Flowfield Unity — but has abandoned trying to sell it by Print On Demand in favour of a tried and tested distrIbution method… Read More ›

Parody Ad: Gremlins

The critters from the 1980s film Gremlins do their best to scupper a late night in the office for Dragons’ Den and American Inventor star Peter Jones in this BT ad, created by Swarm. Swarm have published a “Making of”… Read More ›

ROK buys Jalipo Media

ROK Entertainment Group Inc., the global mobile entertainment group and owners of ROK Comics (which is run by downthetubes’ John Freeman), has announced that it has acquired 100 per cent of the issued and to be issued share capital of… Read More ›

Never Been Exhibtion Online

(with thanks to Matthew Badham): Never Been, the giant comic strip that exhibited on the walls of Projekts MCR skateboard park in Manchester earlier this year is now online at The exhibition , both real and virtual, is the… Read More ›