Award-winning “Lockdown – The Doctor Who Fans’ Survival Guide” documentary out next month

Lockdown - The Doctor Who Fans’ Survival Guide - hosted by Sophie Aldred

Reeltime Pictures latest documentary, the award-winning Lockdown – The Doctor Who Fans’ Survival Guide, will be released next month.

This utterly unique production, made by fans for fans about fans is hosted by Sophie Aldred and directed by Roger Christopher Stevens.

Prior to its DVD, Download and Stream launch, on Monday 9th August, the documentary production has already won three awards at prestigious US film festivals: “Best Documentary” at LA SCi-FI Film Festival, and at the Hollywood Blood Horror Festival; and “Best Docu Feature” the Red Dragon Creative Awards.

In the early months of 2020, the world was thrown into turmoil by a new pandemic … COVID-19 “the Coronavirus” swept across continents, threatening the lives of countless people.

In response, governments imposed severe restrictions upon the lives of their citizens … meaning, that for most people, they were forced to spend months isolated and alone in their homes … they were in lockdown. This is the story of how one international group coped.

Lockdown - The Doctor Who Fans’ Survival Guide - hosted by Sophie Aldred

Across the globe, Doctor Who fans used their love and passion for the BBC TV series as a way of escaping their claustrophobic life indoors … always inventive, always creative and always filled with humour … they launched an incredible worldwide burst of activity to help each other through.

For the first time ever, Reeltime Pictures brings together some of the most memorable of those endeavours. Utterly unique and inspiring, prepare yourselves to be entertained in a way none of us could have imagined the year before.

“We’d like to dedicate this production to anyone who has suffered loss or illness during this time,” says Reeltime founder Keith Barnfather.

Lockdown is released on Monday 9th August 2021, price £11.50 | Visit Time Travel TV to pre-order and buying options

Only 1000 limited edition glass mastered DVDs will be produced

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