Don Harley

Mega City Book Club celebrates landmark 100th podcast with a Dan Dare flashback

The long-running Mega City Book Club podcast, primarily devoted to the collected editions of 2000AD stories, celebrates its milestone one hundredth episode with a look back at the Dragon’s Dream collection of Dan Dare: The Man from Nowhere, published back in 1979.

Clean Living! How Britain’s “Arrow” comic helped promote healthy teeth in the 1960s

I recently came across copies of a 1960s promotional comic, Gibbs Ivory Castle Arrow, which had a roster of creators that’s as impressive as regular comics of the period such as Eagle – including Captain Pugwash creator John Ryan and John… Read More ›

The Impossible Space Helmet: Why Frank Hampson’s “Dan Dare” drives engineers crazy, but delights us still

Commando artist Keith Page follows up his profile of French artist Hugo Pratt with a look at the work of “Dan Dare” creator Frank Hampson… Anyone can see that Dan Dare’s space helmet just wouldn’t work. How could you possibly… Read More ›

New Spaceship Away features Dave Gibbons interview, highlights new audio adventures alongside new strips

The latest issues of the Dan Dare-inspired magazine Spaceship Away – Issue 40 – has just been released, the glossy A4 magazine featuring not one but two all-new “classic” Dan Dare comic strips from Tim Booth. Along with the final… Read More ›

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