Dan Dare faces more alien menace in latest Spaceship Away, on sale now

The latest issue of the Dan Dare-inspired comics anthology Spaceship Away – Issue 53 – is on sale now, from the magazine’s official web site and via eBay.

Spaceship Away - Issue 53 - Cover by William Naylor
Cover by William Naylor

Featuring a cover by William Naylor, plus a centrespread and back page artwork by the late, great, Don Harley, this issue includes continues the Dan Dare strip, “Voyage of the Ankum” by John Bailey, drawn by William Naylor and coloured by Martin Baines, alongside a representation of the “Jeff Hawke” story, “Selena” drawn by Sydney Jordan. Originally published in the Daily Express in black and white, but published in colour in Spaceship Away.

Plus, there’s a further episode of the continuing story “Target – Earth” by John Richards, drawn by Harry Winslade.

A special shout out for artist William Naylor on John Bailey’s “Voyage of the Ankum” Dan Dare strip, who’s cramming a fair number of panels, classic Eagle-style, onto every page of the strip. Speaking personally, it would be great to see these pages at original Eagle size given the detail William is putting into them – and the story is cracking along at great pace, too. It’s a strip really capturing the feel of the original “Dan Dare” stories, as have many others in past issues.

Edited by Des Shaw, articles include tribute to Don Harley, specifically focusing on his work for Spaceship Away – a two part feature on his career having featured in Issue 47 and 48. still available from the Spaceship Away web site.

Plus, Andrew Darlington takes a look at Dan Dare parody strips in “The Fake Dan Dare Syndrome“, which includes interview material with artist and writer Lew Stringer, co-creator of “Ham Dare” for Oink! with artist Malcolm Douglas.

Other features are “Dan Dare – Visions of the Future”, “The Space City That Could Have Been, if not for Wernher Von Braun” and the regular “Space News” column.

• Order Spaceship Away on subscription – and back issues, too – from the magazine’s web site here

Copies of Spaceship Away 53 are also available from eBay here price £8.95 – for a limited time only

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