Donne Avenell

In Very Advance Review: Battle Stations by Donne Avenell and Hugo Pratt

Rebellion Publishing have kindly sent us a very Advance Review Copy of Battle Stations by Donne Avenell and Hugo Pratt, the first of a new Treasury of British Comics series re-publishing classic strips from the long-running War Picture Library. Battle… Read More ›

New Fleetway Picture Library collections announced, past publishing secrets revealed

Artist Carlos Pino has unearthed a fascinating letter from longtime Fleetway editor Ted Bensberg, dating the end of originated strips for the original runs of titles such as War and Battle Picture Library – just as further details emerge about Book Palace… Read More ›

Rebellion launch new oversize Hugo Pratt war comic reprints next year

Fans of Corto Maltese creator and artist Hugo Pratt have welcomed news of Rebellion’s over-sized reprints of his 1960s British war comic work. This should be good news for fans of his work, as good quality editions of the original Picture Library comics can be hard to find

British Airways “Jet Jason” – rare merchandise featuring Dave Gibbons art uncovered!

At the end of last year I revealed a ‘lost’ British comics character, Jet Jason, created as a British Airways mascot and initially brought to life for Fleetwings, the official magazine of British Airways Junior Jet Club by writer Donne… Read More ›

Who’s Who in Rebellion’s “The Vigilant” classic comic character revival – and who created the characters

Rebellion Publishing, owners of 2000AD, announced an all-new 48-page special title The Vigilant earlier this week, the lead strip written by Simon Furman, with art by Simon Coleby coloured by Len O’Grady. Breathing new life into Fleetway characters acquired  in… Read More ›

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